Audiometer calibration system AudCal

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I. Specification of audiometer calibration system AudCal

AudCal model for Certification and Testing:

Audiometer calibration system AudCal  
  • The new Soundsson Audiometer Calibration System AudCal is a field-ready solution for quick, comprehensive audiometer calibration. The system combines the power and versatility of the SoundCity Model 831C sound level meter with the accessibility and functionality of the LD G4 Utility Software. AudCal works seamlessly with tablets for testing and data collection – no PC required. Artificial ear and mastoid couplers are available to simplify the communication challenge with a variety of audiometric transducers.
  • Audiometer calibration system AudCal creates a complete, portable audiometer testing and calibration solution. Access the meter on your PC or through the app on your mobile device to set up and run the full test suite with ease. Measurement capabilities include frequency, hearing level, FM and pulse. Narrowband FFT and real-time 1/3 octave analysis make measurements such as total harmonic distortion (THD) and ambient noise easy and accurate.
  • After completing the test suite, generate test reports and certificates detailing pass/fail scores and parameters of each test. Test report can be exported as PDF which can be printed, shared and saved.

Test functions of sound meter test system:

  • Signal distortion
  • Frequency
  • Hearing level
  • Linear
  • Pulse signal
  • Voice signal
  • Frequency Modulation (FM)
  • Narrow band noise level
  • Broadband noise level
  • Noise level of sound chamber
Cross talk rate and on/off ratio:
  • Test virtually any device including ultrasonic headsets and peripherals, bone vibrators, headsets, speakers, and sound chambers.
  • Couplers for simplicity - prosthetic ear couplers and accessories including ear simulator AEC201-A “318”, coupler AEC100 “NBS 9/A”, artificial mastoid coupler AMC493B and simulation earmuffs AEC304
  • Ambient noise audiometry with real-time 1/3 octave analysis and fast pass/fail results
  • Stored and recalled tests - the AudCal system provides comprehensive searchability of previous tests
  • Auditing Headphones AudCal
  • Simplify user testing while collecting, analyzing and reporting on your data via AudCal software and/or tablet or PC app Intuitive software - AudCal software guides users through each step with automatic signal detection using four different standards including ANSI S3.6 (2010) and IEC 60645 (2017)
  • Mobile connectivity - set up, control and run tests from a mobile device using the AudCal app available for both iOS and Android
  • Auto Calibration - AudCal software calibrates equivalent reference thresholds for sound pressure levels (RETSPL) for microphones and couplers as well as other response adjustments
  • Real-time tuning - make level and frequency adjustments during an audiometer test
  • Easy reporting - print, email, share or archive reports and certificates for clients or the repository.

II. Firmware - Software and Applications

Audiometer calibration system AudCal
Bringing you an excellent audiometer analyzer:
  • With real-time fractional octave filtering, FM and pulse capabilities, plus powerful FFT and narrowband analysis and total harmonic distortion, the 831C-AUD makes for a fully functional audiometry system.
User-friendly AudCal software:
  • The AudCal software allows users to set up their clients and devices, run a test suite, and generate reports. The software is smart - when you start a new experiment at an existing location, it configures your setup to match what you've done in the past.
  • Each test displays real-time results on the screen, with measured data and standards-defined limits. Retest any frequency, extent, or functionality failures during testing. The results are used to generate reports that can be customized with company logos and technician signatures.
  • Generate a report with all the data as it appears in the test. Users can upload the company logo on the quiz and for certificates create a signature that will appear electronically on the certificate's signature line, making it easier to share digitally can be done immediately.
The AudCal app is accessible:
  • Downloading the latest iOS and Android versions of the Larson Davis AudCal app online is easy.
  • Connect the user's device to the 831C WiFi, open the app, then control the test environment. View live data, add/edit customers, and progress throughout the test suite. Through its app, users can generate reports/certificates, sign them with the touch screen and save to their phone or email PDF files.
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III. Specifications of Audiometer calibration system AudCal

System Components

SoundAdvisor 831C with 831C-AUD

Integrating Precision SLM (Type 1) with Low Noise Preamplifier (PRM831), NiMH Battery, Firmware for Testing Linearity, Frequency Response, FM, Pulse, Booth Noise, etc.

Class 1 acoustic calibrator, 114 dB, 250 Hz, 1 in opening, 1/2 in adapter (ADP019)


Artificial ear coupler (6cc) for 1 in microphone (NBS 9A) with adapter, weight, pillow

Ear simulator with 377C13 microphone, adapter, weight, pillow


Artificial ear coupler (2cc) for 1/2 in microphone

Artificial ear coupler (2cc) for 1 in microphone


IEC 60711:1981 ear simulator including 1/2 in microphone

Artificial mastoid including storage humidor

SoundAdvisor 831C

ANSI S1.4, IEC 61672-1, IEC 60651 and 60804 Class 1, ANSI S1.11 and IEC 61260 Class 1


Measures requirements from ANSI S3.6 and IEC 60645 specifications for audiometers, ANSI S3.7 methods for coupler calibration of earphones, ANSI S3.1 maximum permissible ambient noise level for audiometer test rooms.

ANSI S3.7-1995, IEC 60318-3:1998


ANSI S3.7 section 5.4, IEC 60318-1: 2009, directive 2004/108/EC

IEC 60318-5:2006


IEC 60318-5:2006

IEC 60318-4:2010


ANSI S3.13-1981(R2007), IEC 60318-6: 2007, note: patented low thermal mass design varies from design features in standard


Weight: 22 lb (10 kg), CCS055 dimensions:

20 1/2 x 16 3/4 x 8 1/2 in (520 x 425 x 216 mm)


Weight: 3.2 lb (1.4 kg)

Weight: 0.2 lb (0.05 kg)



Description SYS014 SYS015 SYS016 SYS017 SYS‑UPG
SLM Precision sound level meter 831C 831C 831C 831C



Audiometer calibration firmware 831C-AUD 831C-AUD 831C-AUD 831C-AUD 831C-AUD
Calibrator Class 1 acoustic calibrator CAL250 CAL250 CAL250 CAL250


6 ft (2 m) extension cable EXC006 EXC006 EXC006 EXC006 EXC006
Case Custom carrying case CCS055 CCS055 CCS055 CCS055



WiFi adapter for 831C
ADP010 For measuring electrical and ambient noise


NBS 9-A coupler for 1 in microphone
377A15 1 in pre-polarized pressure microphone


Adapter to mount 1 inch microphone onto PRM831 preamplifier
AEC201‑A IEC 60318-1:2009 ear simulator with 377C13 ½ inch microphone


Artificial mastoid for bone vibrator test

IV. Video

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