Human vibration meter HVM200

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Model HVM200
Manufacturer Larson Davis
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I. Specification of human vibration meter HVM200

The HVM200 is the ideal choice for an instrument used to demonstrate compliance with human vibration regulations and requirements worldwide.

Human vibration meter HVM200

Wireless mobile interface:

  • Human vibration meter HVM200 leverages the power of wireless portable electronics to easily measure human vibration. Free downloadable app available on Google PlayTM and Apple App Store that can be used to improve the way a measurement is made by using a portable electronic device to control the measurement and view the data.

OCTAVE 1/1 and 1/3 filters (optional):

  • Determine the frequency content of measured vibration levels by configuring, the HVM200 vibration meter with 1/1 and 1/3 octave filters compliant with IEC 61260 class 1 (0.5 Hz to 2000 Hz and 0.4 Hz to 2500 Hz). The data can then be transferred for further reporting or analysis using USB, Wi-Fi or a removable micro SD card.

Record the time the data domain is sampled (optional):

  • Since the human vibration meter HVM200 supports large removable micro SD memory (up to 32 GB), it is now possible to store and store sampled time data for all three channels. Data is stored in 24-bit format and files can be read by tools such as Matlab® or GNU Octave for further processing.

App-based connectivity:

  • Your smartphone or other portable electronic device can now become a keyboard and display for the HVM200 vibration meter using our smartphone and tablet apps to control and view data. By default the HVM200 is configured to provide its own network through a hotspot to ensure that you always have a network, you can communicate with the HVM200 by connecting your phone to the HVM200 hotspot .
  • In addition, the HVM200 vibration analyzer can be configured to become part of an existing Wi-Fi network and it will automatically find and connect to the configured networks. After connecting your mobile device to the same network, the application will automatically find all HVM200 devices on the local network and allow them to be controlled and view the results. Download the free LD AtlasTM app - available on Google PlayTM and Apple App Store®.
    • Manage tool settings
    • Run and stop measurements
    • View data except 1/1 and 1/3 octave data
    • Manage Wi-Fi Connections
    • Calibration and calibration check
    • View files
    • Schedule measurement
LarsonDavis software on mobile phones

LG G4 utility: reporting & analysis software:

  • The LD G4 utility model SWW-G4-HVM for PC supports the HVM200 human vibration meter that allows you to connect, control, download and view data from multiple devices simultaneously. View your data graphically and in spreadsheet format, generate reports, and easily export in Excel® format for further data analysis. Using the LD G4 with the HVM option enabled, you can modify the data graphically and the software will automatically recalculate the metrics based on your input to provide a “If Happening” analysis.
    • Device setup and control
    • Download data
    • Perform "what if" analysis by editing the data and recalculating the results
    • Print report with result data Export and store
    • View time history as a table or graphic format.
LG G4 utility LarsonDavis analysis & reporting software

Software development kit:

  • When users need to write their own software or integrate the HVM200 vibration analyzer into existing software, the software SDK facilitates that development. The HVM200 API is based on http, html and JSON so commands and responses are plain text and highly portable; makes software development much easier. A DLL with a C-sharp API is also provided with the SDK to access the data in the file.

Selection & configuration guide:

Human vibration meter HVM200 Human vibration meter HVM200   ***See more Gmga vibration analyzers at:

II. Specifications of human vibration meter HVM200





Excitation Current

2 mA
Input Connector

1⁄4 – 28 4-pin male

Input Linear Range

Fc Weighting

0.2 mV to 5.0 V at 80 Hz

Wh Weighting

0.9 mV to 5.0 V at 16 Hz



Single range

TEDS or manual entry

Overload Indicator

LED on HVM200 and icon in app
Sample Rate

7161.458 Hz

Measured Values

Measurement Modes

Hand-arm, Whole-body, Vibration

Metrics by Mode


RMS, Peak, Min, Max (x, y, z, & Σ)


RMS, Peak, Min, MTVV, A(1), A(2), A(4), A(8) (x,y,z&Σ)

RMS, Peak, Min, MTVV, A(8), A(8)Exp, EP, VDV (x,y,z&Σ)

Frequency Weightings


Fa (0.4 Hz to 100 Hz), Fb (0.4 Hz to 1250 Hz), Fc (6.3 Hz to 1250 Hz)


Wb, Wc, Wd, We, Wf, Wj, Wk, Wm
Measurement Units

m/s2, cm/s2, ft/s2, in/s2, g, dB

Time History (Logging)

Storage Interval


Stored Values


1/1 and 1/3 Octave Filters (Optional)

1/1 Octave Filters

0.5 Hz to 2000 Hz
1/3 Octave Filters

0.4 Hz to 2500 Hz


Measured Values

RMS, Max


IEC 61260-1:2014 Class 1

Power Supply

Internal Battery

Rechargeable Li-ion, user replaceable
Charge Time

3.5 hours using PSA035

Battery Run Time

Connect to Wi-Fi

12 hours

Access Point (AP)

9 hours

Communication Interface


USB and 802.11 b/g WiFi



4.6x2.6x0.7in. (118x67x18mm)
Weight (Including Battery)

4.6 oz. (130 gm)


Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity

0 to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing


III. Video

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