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Smart card reader contactless NXP Pegoda MFEV710


The NXP Pegoda MFEV710 contactless smart card reader uses an open software concept and PC-based engine to provide designers with a convenient way to develop contactless application heads.
  • The Pegoda MFEV710 is the latest generation of NXP to secure MIFARE applications.
  • Built upon a proven, well-established MIFARE solution based on the MF RC523 contactless reader chip and the powerful ARM Cortex-M3 processor.
  • The MFRC523 is a highly integrated read/write head for contactless communication at 13.56Mhz compliant with ISO/IEC14443 Type A and ISO/IEC14443 Type B.
  • Pegoda MFEV710 supports baud rate up to 848 Kbps.