Belt and pulley alignment equipment

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Belt alignment device PULLEY PARTNER KX-2550

Model: KX-2550

The PULLEY PARTNER KX-2550 Seiffert belt alignment device is lightweight, compact and durable. A device that magnetically attaches to the inside or outside of any pulley or sprocket and has no small parts or targets that can be lost or detached. This belt and pulley aligner uses proven reflected laser beam technology and offers maximum angular resolution, so this aligner provides the user with accurate readings and Most reliable no other alignment tool or method can match.

Laser belt and pulley alignment device Pulley Pro® Green KX-3550

Model: KX-3550

The Pulley Pro® Green Laser Pulley and Belt Aligner KX-3500 is lightweight, compact and durable. This belt/pulley aligner uses proven reflected laser beam technology for maximum angular resolution, thus providing you with the most accurate and reliable readings without No other method or tool can compare. The laser aligner uses the latest in blue laser diode technology which makes our green laser line 10 times brighter to operators than red laser lines, can measure spans up to 15 ft. (4.6 m) or higher with ANY pulley size, large or small.

Crankshaft deflection measuring device electronic DI-5

Model: DI-5

Electronic crankshaft deviation measuring device DI-5 Seiffert: It is extremely important to regularly check and measure the tilt on the crankshaft, the results of this deviation indicator help assess the ability and level of safe work. of machinery. The DI-5 series prism series electronic deflection indicator, the work of determining the axis deviation will be much easier and the accuracy will be improved. As an option to the device, the user can connect a chamber kit to check cylinder bushing loss and compare wear. The DI-5 deflection indicator has been used by many engineers in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Belt tensioning and alignment trainer Seiffert KX-6550-ST


The Seiffert KX-6550-ST Belt Tension and Alignment Trainer is a compact, lightweight, compact multi-purpose pulley alignment and tensioning trainer.

Laser alignment and belt tension training package Seiffert KX-6550-ST-TB


The Seiffert KX-6550-ST-TB Laser Alignment and Belt Tension Training Package is a complete set of training equipment for laser alignment and belt tension training.

Belt installation and Pulley maintenance toolbox Seiffert 100086-CFS


The Seiffert 100086-CFS pulley maintenance and belt installation tool box allows you to store and transport everything you need to install a new drive belt in one convenient case.