Ultrasonic flaw detector

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Avenger II multifunction flaw detector

Model: Avenger II

The Avenger II Versatile Flaw Detector is an ultra-lightweight and rugged handheld ultrasonic flaw detector for everyday use in the evaluation of investment castings, spot inspection, plastics and turbine blades, tanks, pipes and conduits . . .

Mini ultrasonic flaw detector NOVOTEST UD2303


The NOVOTEST UD2303 mini ultrasonic flaw detector is a compact version of the industrial flaw detector with a set of functions and modes designed to simplify as much as possible the routine product quality control process.

Thickness gauge A-Scan NOVOTEST UT-2A


The thickness gauge A-Scan NOVOTEST UT-2A is an excellent choice for expert ultrasonic inspection in laboratory and field conditions.

Coating defect detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1


The NOVOTEST SPARK-1 coating defect detector is designed to test the continuity of insulation coatings (polymers, epoxy, bitumen, etc.) with coating thicknesses up to 12 mm; Of oil and gas pipelines and other pipelines and products during their operation and maintenance.