Industrial endoscope camera

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Video meter 360° OME-TOP CF Series 3D


The OME-TOP CF Series 360° video meter has solved a major challenge in the 3D endoscopy industry. The process of selecting product appearance materials or studying the design of CF Series software measurement algorithms requires a large number of feasibility studies and simulation tests.

Drain pipe inspection camera OME-TOP CJ9 Series 9″ Wifi LCD


OME-TOP CJ9 Series 9" Wifi LCD Drain Pipe Inspection Camera is a professional plumbing and pipe inspection device with 9" color LCD screen, IP68 waterproof protection.

Borescope 2-Way OME-TOP EC Series 4.3″


The OME-TOP EC Series 2-way Borescope is a professional industrial endoscope camera from Taiwan, with a 4.3" HD LCD monitor for 1280 x 720 resolution images.

Video inspection system high definition OME-TOP PH7 Series 7″ HD


Video inspection system high definition OME-TOP PH7 Series 7" HD with true 720P HD camera for clear extended VGA images.