Vulnerability detector

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Versatile ultrasonic flaw detector Avenger EZ-1

Model: Avenger EZ-1

The NDT Systems Avenger EZ-1 Multi-Purpose Flaw Detector is rugged, lightweight, for everyday use in the evaluation of investment castings, in-service inspections, plastics, turbine blades, tanks, pipes and tubes. With multiport split screens for A-track and B-scan, Avenger provides accurate and reliable measurements for sizing sub-surface defects in any solid material.
  • Multi-port capability
  • Split screen monitor A, scan B
  • Auto detect probe
  • USB, alarm alarm mode.

Raptor flaw detector

Model: Raptor

Raptor NDT Systems flaw detectors are used daily in the aerospace, automotive, composite and oil and gas industries. With an enhanced color display and the ability to drive the scanner to capture A, B and C scan data, Raptor collects more accurate results than other portable vulnerability detectors on the market. The Raptor is unique in its C-scan and 3D-scan capabilities, allowing operators to tackle the toughest applications in some of the harshest environments.
  • Image A, B, C Scan
  • Controllability of the scanning computer range
  • Auto-probe – many probing possibilities
  • Color display
  • Compact, rugged and portable design.

NOVOTEST UD4701PA ultrasonic vulnerability detector

Model: UD4701PA

The NOVOTEST UD4701PA ultrasonic flaw detector is a defect detection device with the most advanced technology available today. Equipment designed for testing metal and composite products, pipe welds, forgings and castings, aircraft objects, corrosion testing, and more. according to EN 12668-1, ISO 18563-1.

Avenger II multifunction flaw detector

Model: Avenger II

The Avenger II Versatile Flaw Detector is an ultra-lightweight and rugged handheld ultrasonic flaw detector for everyday use in the evaluation of investment castings, spot inspection, plastics and turbine blades, tanks, pipes and conduits . . .

Mini ultrasonic flaw detector NOVOTEST UD2303


The NOVOTEST UD2303 mini ultrasonic flaw detector is a compact version of the industrial flaw detector with a set of functions and modes designed to simplify as much as possible the routine product quality control process.

Coating defect detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1


The NOVOTEST SPARK-1 coating defect detector is designed to test the continuity of insulation coatings (polymers, epoxy, bitumen, etc.) with coating thicknesses up to 12 mm; Of oil and gas pipelines and other pipelines and products during their operation and maintenance.