Hardness measuring equipment

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Ultrasonic and impact hardness tester NOVOTEST T-UD3

Model: T-UD3

The NOVOTEST T-UD3 Ultrasonic and Impact Hardness Tester combines two indirect methods of hardness measurement: Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (ASTM A1038) and Leeb (ASTM A956). This makes it the most versatile mobile device in the world. The ability to connect both probes combines the advantages of both methods and provides the user with the most suitable method to solve a particular task.

UCI hardness tester NOVOTEST T-U3

Model: T-U3

UCI hardness tester NOVOTEST T-U3 - The most popular portable hardness tester in the world is the Leeb hardness tester. However, there are tests using this method that are difficult or even impossible to solve. This is due to the physical nature of the method, which assumes the mass of the test subject, to ensure the inertness of the product when Leeb's impact body hits the surface with a certain force. To tackle a wide range of metal hardness tasks quickly, we offer hardness testers that perform the ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI) method in accordance with ASTM A1038.

Leeb hardness tester NOVOTEST T-D3

Model: T-D3

The world's most popular method of measuring and testing the hardness of metals with the NOVOTEST T-D3 handheld hardness tester is the Leeb method (ASTM A956). The so-called dynamic method for hardness determination is popular due to its ease of use. The user does not need to have special skills and knowledge in the field of hardness measurement, to make the measurement simply place on the impact body of the instrument's probe, install the probe on the surface tested, press the button of the probe and the hardness value will be displayed on the instrument display.

Hand-held combined hardness tester NOVOTEST T-UD2

Model: T-UD2

The NOVOTEST T-UD2 handheld combined hardness tester combines the advantages of two methods: URI (ASTM A1038) and Leeb (ASTM A956), allowing to tackle almost any current hardness testing task. With this versatile durometer, users will be able to measure the hardness of both a large product with a rough surface and a small sample with a complex shape and with a thin wall.

UCI hardness tester NOVOTEST T-U2

Model: T-U2

UCI hardness tester NOVOTEST T-U2 is the world's best price handheld hardness tester operating on UCI (Ultrasonic Impedance Contact) technology. The UCI durometer can be used with small or thin-walled products, as well as parts with complex shapes or with areas that need to be tested in hard-to-reach places.

Impact type hardness tester NOVOTEST T-D2

Model: T-D2

The NOVOTEST T-D2 Impact Type Hardness Tester corresponding to ASTM A956 is the most popular metal hardness testing method in the world because it is very easy to use and does not require special skills from the operator. The probe is mounted on the sample and by pressing the release button a measurement is taken and the hardness value is displayed on the display of the instrument. This method works well with low-alloy steels, stainless steels, as well as non-ferrous metals.