Thickness measuring equipment

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Raptor flaw detector

Model: Raptor

Raptor NDT Systems flaw detectors are used daily in the aerospace, automotive, composite and oil and gas industries. With an enhanced color display and the ability to drive the scanner to capture A, B and C scan data, Raptor collects more accurate results than other portable vulnerability detectors on the market. The Raptor is unique in its C-scan and 3D-scan capabilities, allowing operators to tackle the toughest applications in some of the harshest environments.
  • Image A, B, C Scan
  • Controllability of the scanning computer range
  • Auto-probe – many probing possibilities
  • Color display
  • Compact, rugged and portable design.

EMAT thickness gauge NOVOTEST UT-3M-EMA

Model: UT-3M-EMA

The NOVOTEST UT-3M-EMA EMAT Thickness Gauge is a new development that allows users to solve not only the standard tasks of checking the thickness of metal products, but also performing super tests. piezoelectric, laser-optical, X-ray, mechanical, etc. - to which the respective models do not apply.

Reinforced concrete coverage meter NOVOTEST CCM-RD 170

Model: CCM-RD 170

The reinforced concrete detector NOVOTEST CCM-RD 170 (rebar locator) is used to measure the thickness of the concrete shell, locate and estimate the diameter of reinforcement of reinforced concrete products. steel in conditions of factories, construction sites, buildings and constructions in use according to BS 1881, DIN 1045, SN 505262 and SS 78-B4 standards.

Mini ultrasonic flaw detector NOVOTEST UD2303


The NOVOTEST UD2303 mini ultrasonic flaw detector is a compact version of the industrial flaw detector with a set of functions and modes designed to simplify as much as possible the routine product quality control process.

Thickness gauges ultrasonic NOVOTEST UT-1M-IP


The NOVOTEST UT-1M-IP Ultrasonic thickness gauge is a special version of the ultrasonic thickness gauge, the UT-1M-IP designed to measure the thickness of various materials and products, in any difficult climatic conditions - in dusty, high-humidity rooms, in the rain - when the use of conventional ultrasonic thickness gauges is not possible.

Coating thickness gauge NOVOTEST TP-2020


The NOVOTEST TP-2020 Coating Thickness Gauge is designed for precise coating thickness measurement on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Various sensors enable the NOVOTEST TP-2020 thickness gauge to non-destructively test protective coatings with a wide range of thicknesses.