Cell harvesting system

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Cell harvesting system Esco TideXcell ® (TXLHS)


Cell harvesting system Esco TideXcell® (TXLHS) is specifically designed for the TideXcell™ high-density cell culture system to recover cells from cultured substrate flasks (2 L, 20 L, 100 L volume). TXLHS is a powerful tool for harvesting and transferring surviving cells, intracellular viruses, and more from the large-scale TideXcell™ system in a closed and automated system; thus eliminating the risk of contamination. It can also be applied to mass harvesting of cells for biological production and any related applications. With the use of TXLHS, up to 1011 cells can be harvested within one (1) to three (3) hours of cell harvester operation.

Cell culture shaker Esco CelShaker™


Cell culture shaker Esco CelShaker™ features rotating arms that can perform 15º header shakes and hold up to 4 Celcradle™ bottles in the inverted position.
  • Speed adjustable up to 450rpm Semi-automatic harvest from CelCradle™ . cultures Dedicated rotating arm can hold up to 4 CelCradle™ bottles

Semi-automatic cell harvester Esco CelCradle X ® (CCX-SAH)


Semi-automatic cell harvester Esco CelCradle X ® (CCX-SAH) is used to harvest whole cells from CelCradle and CelCradle X ® bottles through automation by setting different parameters. Semi-automated cell harvesting is performed through mounted peristaltic pumps allowing liquid addition/removal and whole cell harvesting during harvesting.