Time-Lapse IVF incubator

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Time-Lapse IVF incubator Esco MIRI ® series MRI-TL


Time-Lapse . IVF Incubator Esco MIRI ® MRI-TL series is a multi-room incubator with an integrated camera and microscope. Esco MIRI ® MRI-TL Series designed and manufactured in the EU. Time-Lapse incubator Esco MIRI ® MRI-TL series provides high quality time lapse images of the developing embryo in "real time" without any disturbance and without the need to remove the embryo from the safety of the incubation chamber for manual microscopy. This significantly reduces environmental stress on the embryo when compared to current standard incubation methods.

Time-Lapse IVF multi-room incubator Esco MIRI® II-12 Series MRI2-12C


The Esco MIRI® II-12 MRI2-12C Series Multi-Room Time-Lapse Incubator is an incubator that offers unique features for every IVF lab and clinic. Esco MIRI® II-12 MRI2-12C Series Multi-chamber IVF Time-Lapse Incubators with chambers specially designed to hold one sample, ensuring individual space for each embryo. MIRI® II-12 is built to perfectly fit into any IVF lab.