Concrete testing equipment

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Concrete elastic hammer NOVOTEST SH


The concrete elastic hammer (sclerometer) NOVOTEST SH - is an instrument for testing the strength of concrete and other building materials. The most popular tool in the world for measuring the strength of concrete is the Schmidt Hammer. The device is named after the engineer Ernst Schmidt, who invented the construction of the durometer.

Concrete strength meter NOVOTEST IPSM

Model: IPSM

The NOVOTEST IPSM Concrete Strength Meter is a device that searches for non-destructive defects in concrete products, bricks and other solid materials based on the analysis of the propagation of ultrasonic waves in the material. Two transducers are directly connected to the device (transmitter and receiver) during operation, the device has an ultrasonic wave time between the transducers, there is a fixed base (the distance between the transducers ), this ultrasonic flaw detector calculates the velocity of ultrasonic waves in the material, based on which it is possible to build a correlation with the test parameter. This method allows the user to evaluate parameters such as strength, density, elastic modulus, acoustic index and other parameters that are correlated with the propagation speed of ultrasound in the material.

Concrete hardness test hammer PCE-HT 225E

Model: PCE-HT 225E

PCE-HT 225E Concrete Hardness Hammer, also known as concrete recovery hammer or Swiss hammer, is used for non-destructive measurement of surface hardness and compressive strength. Suitable for use with concrete, stone and building materials. This concrete hardness tester has a live digital display, voice function, USB data interface and memory to store up to 200 measurement values.
  • Test range: 10 ... 60 MPa or 100 ... 600 kg/cm² / 1450.38 ... 8702.26 psi
  • Impact Energy: 2,207 J or N-m / 0.225 kgf.m / 1.6278 ft-lb or Type N
  • Stroke : 75 ± 0.3 mm / 2.95 ± 0.012 in
  • Radius of sphere tip: 25 ± 1 mm / 0.99 ± 0.04 in
  • Includes data processing software.