Headphone testing equipment

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Headphone R&D tester AEC206

Model: AEC206

The AEC206 Headphone R&D Tester is a tool for testing ultrasonic, circular, ultrasonic, in-ear and insert-type headphones.
  • Shipped pre-assembled and ready to use in a sturdy box
  • IEC 60318-4 (711) Sealed ear simulator with microphone
  • Includes ICP® Preamplifier (IEPE) with TEDS
  • Includes 4 ear speakers (2 left and 2 right).

Headphone production testing machine AEC210

Model: AEC210

The AEC210 Headphone Production Testing Machine is a cost effective solution for testing production quantity headphones on the Production Line. Flat-mount microphone and flexibility to add additional speakers and microphones make it possible to test both noise-cancelling headphones and headphones with microphones.
  • Precise headphone positioning
  • Repeat results
  • Includes ICP® microphone
  • High resolution
  • Cost-effective solution for widespread deployment.