Material flow index tester

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Material Flow Index Tester PCE-MFI 400

Model: PCE-MFI 400

The PCE-MFI 400 Material Flow Index Meter is used to quickly test the bulk flow rate of plastics. The PCE-MFI 400 Plastic Inspection Equipment is designed for both incoming goods inspection and continuous production monitoring. Thanks to the clear display of all relevant parameters on the 7" touch screen, the measurement results can be determined in a short time with the plastic tester. The automatic cutting function contributes to increased reproducibility high reproducibility of plastic testing equipment.
  • Large 7" LCD touch screen
  • Heating temperature up to 400°C/752°F
  • Pre-installed materials
  • Solid metal case
  • Includes various test weights.

Muffle Furnace BZH-2.5-10

Model: BZH-2.5-10

The plastic flow meter BZH-2.5-10 resistive muffle furnace is a new generation of intelligent, energy-saving products with high efficiency and mechatronics. The furnace is mainly used to test the melting temperature of plastic and other materials. It is an ideal equipment for plastic processing departments, scientific research of manufacturing enterprises and universities. The device can intelligently control time and temperature compared to other products in the segment.