MGA 1033 magnetic field transmitter and analyzer

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Model MGA 1033
Manufacturer Schlöder GmbH
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I. Specification of MGA 1033 transmitter and magnetic field analyzer

  • MGA 1033 Magnetic Field Transmitter and Analyzer according to product standard EN 55103, part 1 and part 2. In addition, EMC tests can be performed to various standards such as automotive, MIL-STD and Avionic. Thanks to the built-in high-performance amplifier, the MGA 1033 Schlöder magnetic field analyzer and transmitter can easily achieve high field strengths in a variety of military and automotive standards. In combination with the three-axis Helmholtz coil MGA_HCST_50/28, a field strength of 1000 A/m can be generated in the frequency range from DC to 1 kHz. Extremely convenient testing: thanks to the three-axis structure, fields are generated completely automatically in all three spatial axes - the test subject no longer has to rotate.
  • MGA 1033 consists of three main modules:
    • Signal generator (DC - 250 kHz)
    • Power Amplifier (output power 800 W, DC Bandwidth - 1 MHz)
    • Spectrum Analyzer (16 bit sampling rate, 1 MS/s)
  • All modules can be used as individual devices. Although originally developed to measure and generate magnetic fields, the MGA 1033 offers a multitude of possible uses for measurements and inspections..
MGA 1033 magnetic field transmitter and analyzer

II. Design

  • The MGA 1033 Schlöder Magnetic Field Generator contains 3 independent modules:
    • DC signal generator - 250 kHz
    • Maximum power amplifier. 800W
    • 16 bit spectrum analyzer
  • All 3 units can also be used as "standalone" devices.

III. MGA 1033 magnetic field transmitter and analyzer - Fully automated tests

  • In combination with the Triax - Helmholtz coil, test objects can be tested in 3 axes without rotating the test object. Magnetic field strength can be increased up to 1000 A/m at frequencies from DC to 1 kHz. Smaller field strengths can be realized up to 250 kHz.

IV. Calibration

Calibration of Helmholtz coil:

  • In combination with the sensor coil (RLS 133 or LS 133), the Helmholtz coil can be calibrated. Custom spools can also be used. Calibration mode in the software of the MGA 1033 allows the connection of additional test devices.


  • The highly stable voltage source of the MGA 1033 Schlöder  generator and magnetic field analyzer allows self-calibration, whereby correction values are stored in the internal EEPROM. All relevant instrumentation units are included in the self-calibration, the automatic process taking about a minute.
    • Includes modules: signal generator (DC - 250 kHz), power amplifier (output power 800 W, bandwidth DC - 1 MHz) and spectrum analyzer (16 bit sampling rate) , 1 MS/s)
    • Tested with magnetic field requirements for the following standards: ISO 11452-8, MIL-STD-461, IEC/EN 55103-1/2, IEC/EN 61000-4-8, SAE J1113-2, SAE J1113-22, Ford ES-XW7T -1A278-AC, GM W3097, PSA B217110, Renault 36-00-808, DC-11224, DC-10614 and similar standards.
    • Measurements and tests according to the following standards are additionally implemented in the application software: MIL-STD-461 (CE101, CS101, CS109), EN 61000-4-16 and IEC/EN 61543
    • Application software for Microsoft Windows with preset parameters/limit values, can apply own routines, data transfer from external multimeter over serial port
    • Huge range of accessories: coils, adapters, coupling devices.
***See more of Gmga's surge detectors and EMC measurement systems at:

V. Specifications of MGA 1033 magnetic field transmitter and analyzer


Voltage input:


DC - 250 kHz
Input impedance

1 MΩ / 50 Ω switchable

Input socket

XLR, unsymmetrisch (1 ground, 2 +, 3-)
Max. Input voltage

100 V permanent

(overload protected by automatically switching on an attenuator);

10 V at 50 Ω


-20/0/20/40 dB


0/20 dB ADC amplifier self-calibration with ultra stable onboard reference

Current input:


Frequency range

DC - 250 kHz

10 mΩ / 1 Ω / 100 Ω

Max. Input current

20 A permanent (overload protected) 1 Ω and 100 Ω shunts are additionally protected by a 1.5 A fuse
Input socket

4 mm safety sockets (+, -)

Measuring ranges

20 A, 10 A, 1 A, 100 mA, 10 mA, 1 mA automatic offset and gain calibration



16 Bit
Sampling rate

1.0 MSPS

Aliasing filter (filter can be switched off)

0.01 dB Tschebyscheff

Filter,  fg = 260 kHz;


Frequency range

DC - 250 kHz

Output impedance

50 Ω
Output socket

BNC, asymmetrisch

Signal shape

Sine / triangle / rectangle / DC

0 – 10V AC, -10 V - +10 V DC


12-bit (2.5 mV) switchable -20 dB attenuator self-calibration with ultra-stable onboard reference


Output sockets

4 mm safety sockets


BNC, unbalanced (input)

Output current

16 Arms

Output voltage

50 Vrms / 75 VDC
Klirrgrad (DC – 100 kHz, Last ≥ 4 Ohm)

< 0.10%

Voltage gain

10 ± 0.1 % (± 0.01 % / 0C)

General data

EUT control / input socket

9-pol Sub-D; RS-232
Connection to the computer


Ambient temperature

0 bis 40 °C
Warm-up time

15 min

Mains voltage

115 / 230 VAC ± 10%, 50-60 Hz

19“Table case (cabinet attachment optional)

Dimensions (wxhxd)

449 mm x 177 mm x 580 mm
Frequency range

DC – 1 MHz

EUT control /

9-pin Sub-D; RS-232 input socket

Shipping weight

ca. 40 kg (netto 34 kg)

  ***Videos of surge detectors and EMC measurement systems are available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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