Automatic Vickers hardness tester THV-10MDT

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Model: THV-10MDT
Manufacturer: Qiantong
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Guarantee: 12 months
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THV-10MDT Automatic Vickers Hardness Tester with LCD control screen as large as 8 in, using menu interface type structure, can in panel select HV or HK hardness (optional).


I. Specification of Automatic Vickers hardness tester THV-10MDT

General description:

  • Automatic Vickers hardness tester THV-10MDT uses 8-inch touch screen and operation interface through menu structure.
  • HV or HK hardness scale can be selected on the operation panel. The tested hardness value is automatically calculated and displayed automatically.
  • Allow to realize the mutual conversion of different hardness values, the brightness of the light source can be steplessly adjusted, it is possible to integrate a camera for better observation.
  • The device can be adjusted to a standard hardness block or a length scale, so that the hardness value can meet more precise standards.

Automatic Vickers hardness tester THV-10MDT


Product features:

  • Vickers automatic hardness tester THV-10MDT tests hardness value, automatic input, automatic display. For all kinds of hardness values mutually convert and test results are automatically stored, processed, printed with RS-232 interface and online calculator.
  • The brightness of the light source is adjustable, and this THV-10MDT automatic Vickers hardness tester can have built-in camera, the picture will be clearer. Hardness value error can be modified through software input; More precise hardness values meet requirements.

Operation interface:

Automatic Vickers hardness tester THV-10MDT Automatic Vickers hardness tester THV-10MDT THV-10MDT

II. Specifications of digital hardness tester THV-10MDT


Test force

0.3Kgf(2.94N), 0.5Kgf(4.9N), 1.0Kgf(9.8N), 3.0Kgf(29.4N), 5.0Kgf(49.0N), 10Kgf(98.0N).

Carried standard

GB/T4340,ASTM E92
Test resolution


Conversion scale

Rockwell, Brinell
Hardness measuring range


Method of testing

force applied

Automatic (loading, Dwelling , unloading)

Test microscope


100X, 200X(Both of them can be used for testing)

Test force dwell time

Data output

8’touch screen, 20 different kinds of test result, built-in printer with RS-232 interface

Maximum height of specimen

Distance from the center to the outer wall of the indenter




About 50Kg




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