Digital Ion and pH meter INESA REX PXSJ-226

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Model: PXSJ-226
Manufacturer: REX / INESA
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INESA REX PXSJ-226 Digital Ion and pH Meter is a new generation benchtop ph ion meter developed by Shanghai INESA Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd.

This high quality LCD INESA REX PXSJ-226 pH Ion meter adopts an intelligent operation system that allows you to easily use it to make highly accurate measurements.


Digital Ion and pH meter INESA REX PXSJ-226 with this intelligent system, the instruction information makes it easy to get familiar with the measurement and allows you to apply in different fields according to your requirements.

I. Specification of LCD high quality pH Ion meter INESA REX PXSJ-226

Features of INESA REX PXSJ-226:

  • Digital Ion and pH meter INESA REX PXSJ-226 with 7 ″ colorful touch screen and intelligent guidance system.
  • The intelligent operator system provides features including user management, calibration management, electrode management, method management, data management, and more.
  • Multiple reading feature allows for automatic reading, timed reading and continuous reading.
  • Automatic/manual temperature compensation ensures accurate results.
  • Automatic sensor hold and measurement endpoint locking.
  • More than 20 configurable parameters, including date and time, number of calibration points, stability criteria, temperature units, and more.
  • Data capacity up to 1000 sets per parameter (GLP compliant).
  • The data management feature allows users to search, review, compare and count results.
  • Data can be transferred to PC or printer by USB or RS-232 communication interface.
  • INESA REX PXSJ-226 designs and performs pH and Ion measurements according to ISO 9001.

Measurement parameters of INESA REX PXSJ-226:

  • pH, ion, mv, and temperature.
  • 1-6 point calibration with automatic buffer recognition.
  • Selectable pH buffer groups, including NIST, DIN, GB;
  • pH buffers or user-defined buffer groups are supported.
  • Automatic electrode diagnostics with pH gradient and deviation display.
  • Calibration 1-6 points.
  • Selectable measurement units, including μg/L, mg/L, g/L, mmol/L, mol/L, pX, and more.
  • Multiple measurement modes are supported, including Direct Read mode, Standard Addition mode, Sample Add mode and GRAN mode.
  • More than 10 methods are built-in, including F – , Cl – , Br – , I – , NO 3 – , BF 4 – , NH 4 + , K + , Na + , Ca 2+ , Cu 2+ , Pb 2+ , Ag + and so on …; User-defined methods are supported.

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II. Specifications digital Ion and pH meter INESA REX PXSJ-226


pH Range






Range (-2000.00~2000.00)mV

0.1 mv


pX Range

(0,000 ~14,000) pX


0.001 pX

±0.002 pX

Ion Concentration

Range (0~19990)Unit: mol/L, mmol/L, g/L, mg/L, μg/L

4-digit Significant Number


Temperature Range

(-5.0~130.0) ℃


0.1 ℃

±0.1 ℃


Power Supply 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension (mm); Weight (kg)

250*195*100mm; 2

Package Size

370 * 305 * 330mm; 5kg

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