Digital universal material testing machine QT-6203

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Model: QT-6203 Series
Manufacturer: Qiantong
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QT-6203 Digital Multi-Purpose Material Testing Machine is used to test the physical properties of elongation, compression, peeling, tear bending, 3-point bending, shearing of needle materials. types and non-metals. The machine can be customized to meet GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other standard requirements provided by customers.


I. Specification QT-6203 digital universal material testing machine

Digital universal material testing machine QT-6203

Application features:

  • QT-6203 series digital universal material testing machine adopts digital closed-loop control; displacement and speed three closed loops; use AC motor and speed controller; with Taiwan precision worm gear reducer; and Taiwan TBI precision screw drive; To achieve transmission efficiency and signal -noise ratio of the best effect.
  • This digital multi-purpose material tester is commonly applied in material analysis in the industries of auto parts, fasteners, Aviation, cables and wires, plastic and rubber, paper packaging. This is the necessary testing equipment of scientific research institutes, universities, industrial enterprises, technical supervision, inspection and tonnage departments.

Product features:

  • With advanced locking technology and professionally designed data acquisition and amplification system; is integrated with many high-tech, reliable and convenient. The control software automatically obtains data on tensile strength, yield strength, fracture strength, elastic modulus, elongation. The open formula version function allows automatic calculation of force, strain displacement at any specified point. Standard in data processing and control that meets national requirements for testing of metallic and non-metallic materials.
Control method:
  • Fixed speed, fixed displacement, fixed load, fixed load increment, fixed tension, fixed tension increment.
Auto reset:
  • After the test starts, the measuring system automatically resets to zero.
Auto teleport:
  • Automatically change range as load changes to ensure accurate data collection.
Auto save:
  • Test data and test conditions are automatically stored to avoid data loss due to forgetting to save.
Batch testing:
  • For test pieces with the same settings, batch testing can be performed after setting up the test sequence.
Display mode:
  • Data and graphs presented during testing.
Show chart:
  • After testing, the chart can be reviewed for analysis. Move your mouse over the graph to find relative data at each point.
  • Parameters: stress-strain, force-displacement, force-time, displacement time results are displayed and printable.
  • Force parameter(g, kg, N, lb)
  • Stress parameter (kg / mm2, N / mm2, Mpa, lbf / in2)
  • Displacement parameters (m, mm, in)
Test reports:
  • Edited and printed in the customer’s desired format and exportable as an Excel file
  • Safety mechanism is activated when overload is over 2~10%

The tester can automatically test and calculate the mechanical properties of the specimen. It is also possible to manually intervene in the analysis. Automated analytical test results modified according to relevant standards; to improve data accuracy.

II. Specifications of QT-6203 multifunction tester

Digital universal material testing machine QT-6203


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