Flame detector Crowcon FGard IR3

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Model: FD-IR3-SS-M25 / FD-IR3-A-M25
Manufacturer: Crowcon
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Guarantee: 12 months
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The Crowcon FGard IR3 fire detector is an explosion-proof multi-spectrum infrared fire detector. Crowcon FGard IR3 is again outstanding performance, responding to liquid hydrocarbon and gas fuel fires at long distances.


Crowcon FGard IR3 flame detector offers first-class flame detection with intelligent heating optics for clearer results and advanced optical verification to greatly reduce false alarms.

I. Specification of Crowcon FGard IR infrared fire detector

  • Crowcon FGard IR3 offers outstanding performance in the detection of hydrocarbon fires. The FGard IR3 fire alarm uses the latest IR flame detection algorithms to ensure maximum resistance to false alarms.
  • Crowcon FGard IR3 has been independently tested to prove it can detect hydrocarbon fuel pan flames at nearly 60 meters in less than 5 seconds..

Crowcon FGard IR3 – Multi-spectral IR:

  • 60 meter flame detection range – Crowcon FGard IR3 flame detector will detect all Hydrocarbon fires, improving reliability and performance over temperature.

Crowcon FGard IR3 – Fast detection time:

  • Short response time in less than 5 seconds 0.1m² flame at 60 meters.

Crowcon FGard IR3 – Thermal optics:

  • Crowcon FGard IR infrared fire detector with smart heating optics – No condensation / ice / water.

Advanced optical verification – No reflectors:

  • Crowcon FGard IR3 test automatically verifies the cleanliness of the lens and electronic circuitry. No reflective optical checks and large optical surface resulting in much less false alarms.

Flame detector Crowcon FGard IR3

II. Advantages

Multi-spectral IR design provides long detection distance and enhanced anti-false alarm

Continuous optical inspection, no reflector:

  • Verify operations and improve device uptime

Microprocessor controlled heating:

  • Stay operational in extreme weather conditions (snow, ice, condensation)

International hazardous area approval:


Certified performance test for multiple fuels:

  • FM 3260
  • EN 54-10

Sensitivity levels are adjustable:

  • For flexible application
    Make sure the detector doesn’t cross-vote

External testing with long range flame simulator:

  • Minimize the need for scaffolding

Easy integration using industry standard output:

  • Alarm and fault relays
  • 4-20mA
  • HART®, as standard

Capable of SIL 2 certified

5 years warranty 

III. Application of the Crowcon FGard IR3 flame detector

  • Oil and gas at home / abroad
  • Processing facilities
  • Oil factory
  • Petrochemical plant
  • Chemical facility
  • Medicine
  • Airplane hangar
  • Tunnel
  • Power production
  • Tank farm
  • Road & rail queuing price
  • LNG / LPG
  • Warehouse / Storage Area
  • Waste / Biomass Recycling Plant
  • Printing industry.

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IV. Specifications of flame detector Crowcon FGard IR3

Operating temp

-60°C to +85°C (-76°F to +185°F)
Storage temp

-76°F to +185°F (-60°C to +85°C)


0-100 % RH (Non-condensing)
Operating voltage

24 Vdc Nominal – (Range 18 to 32 Vdc)

Power consumption

3W minimum (without heater), 15 W at 32 Vdc with heater on maximum.
Speed of response

< 5 seconds (Typical)


100 mm Dia x 200 mm (4” Dia x 8” L)

Copper free aluminum or 316 stainless steel

Entry size

3/4 inch NPT or M25

Alu 5.5 lbs (2.5 Kg) / SS 13.2 lbs (6.0kg)


Relay contacts (DPDT 2A at 30Vdc) – alarm and fault.

0-20mA plus fault alerts, HART®


Class 1 Div 1 Groups B, C, D T4 Ambient –50°C to +85°C

Class 1 Zone 1 AEx/Ex db IIC T4 Ambient –50°C to +85°C

ATEX II 2 G Ex db IIC T4

IECEx Ex db IIC T4 Ambient –60°C to +85°C


PESO Ex db IIC T4 Ta= -60°C to +85°C

CCC (China Fire Approvals) – Pending

GB-Ex of China – Pending

Performance approvals

FM 3260

EN 54-10

Ingress – IP66 /NEMA 4X

SIL2 – IEC 61508

Flame sensitivity:

Fuel Fire Size Distance

High Sensitivity


1’x1’ / 30cm x 30cm 196 feet (60m)
n-Heptane + arc welding 1’x1’ / 30cm x 30cm

196 feet (60m)


1’x1’ / 30cm x 30cm 196 feet (60m)
Diesel 1’x1’ / 30cm x 30cm

164 feet (50m)

Crude oil (heavy fuel)

20”x20” 0.5mx0.5m 164 feet (50m)
JP4 1’x1’ / 30cm x 30cm

196 feet (60m)


24” plume / 60 cm 164 feet (50m)
Ethanol 1’x1’ / 30cm x 30cm

137 feet (42m)


1’x1’ / 30cm x 30cm 137 feet (42m)
Standard sensitivity n-Heptane 1’x1’ / 30cm x 30cm

98 feet (30m)


1’x1’ / 30cm x 30cm 98 feet (30m)
JP4 1’x1’ / 30cm x 30cm

98 feet (30m)


24” plume / 60 cm

98 feet (30m

Ethanol 1’x1’ / 30cm x 30cm

98 feet (30m)


***Detailed product specification sheet: FGard IR3 Flame Detector.


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