Gloss measuring device PCE-GM 60Plus-ICA includes ISO certification

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Model: PCE-GM 60Plus-ICA
Manufacturer: PCE
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Gloss meter PCE-GM 60Plus-ICA – Gloss meter with touch screen is a portable 60 degree gloss meter. This paint and coating coverage meter measures gloss units (GU) on the surface of a material. Rechargeable gloss meter or gloss meter using reflected light for gloss measurement in accordance with ISO 2813, GB/T 9754, ASTM D523 and ASTM D2457 standards.

  • Measuring geometry: 60° . angle
  • Measuring range: 0 … 200 GU
  • Measurement accuracy ±1.5 G
  • 3.5″ LCD touch screen
  • Light source: D65
  • Wave length: 400-700nm
  • Includes ISO calibration certificate.


I. Specification of Gloss measuring device PCE-GM 60Plus-ICA

Gloss meter – Gloss meter PCE-GM 60Plus-ICA for non-stationary use includes ISO Calibration Certificate / Measures up to 200 gloss points / 60° Measuring Geometry / 3.5″ LCD Display / Short measuring time 0.5 seconds.

Gloss measuring device PCE-GM 60Plus-ICA

  • The PCE-GM 60Plus-ICA gloss meter is a measuring device for the determination of gloss on various materials.
  • During the measurement, the gloss tester picks up the reflection of the emitted light, which is emitted directly by the gloss tester. Part of the light is then reflected off the surface to be measured and part of the light is absorbed by the surface. Thanks to the reflected light, the gloss tester then calculates the gloss level and displays it clearly on the TFT screen.
  • The PCE-GM 50Plus-ICA Handheld Gloss Tester is used in areas where it is necessary that individual products always have the same appearance and texture and properties. By this inspection, manufacturers and users avoid complaints and costs related to product quality.

II. Advantages

  • Measuring geometry 60°
  • 3.5″ LCD touch screen
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Fast 0.5 second measurement time
  • Gloss measuring range 0 … 200 G
  • Measurement accuracy ±1.5 GU
  • Self-calibrating with the included calibration plate
  • CIE 1931 compliant 2° according to CIE C illuminator
  • Measure reflectance according to ISO 2813, GB/T 9754, ASTM D523 and ASTM D2457
  • Light source: D65
  • Wave length: 400-700nm.

Gloss measuring device PCE-GM 60Plus-ICA Gloss measuring device PCE-GM 60Plus-ICA PCE-GM 60Plus-ICA

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III. Specifications of gloss measuring device PCE-GM 60Plus-ICA

Measuring geometry


3.5″ TFT touchscreen display


ISO 2813

GB/T 9754


ASTM D2457

Measuring aperture

10 x 25 mm / 0.4 x 1.0 in
Measuring range

0 … 200 GU


1 GU

±1 GU


±1 GU

Fulfills CIE 1931 2° under a CIE illuminant C

Measuring accuracy

±1.5 / ±1.5%
Measuring time

0.5 second


160 x 75 x 90 mm / 6.3 x 3 x 3.5 in

350 g / 0.78 lb

Menu languages

English, Chinese
Power supply

3200-mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery

Data interface

USB / RS-232
Operating temperature       

0 … 40°C / 32 … 104°F

Storage temperature

-20 … 50°C / -4 … 122°F
Relative humidity

< 85% RH (non-condensing)


***Video of gloss meter is available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.


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