Gun sound level meter SoundTrackLxT ® LXT1-QPR

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Model: LXT1-QPR
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The SoundTrackLxT ® LXT1-QPR Gun Sound Level Meter is used to measure gun noise. A test is carried out according to the MIL-STD-1474E standard, which sets out the requirements for measuring pulsating noise, to evaluate the difference in measurement results.


Gun sound level meter SoundTrackLxT ® LXT1-QPR

I. Specification of Gun sound level meter SoundTrackLxT ® LXT1-QPR

  • Quantitative measurements of sound pressure levels due to firearms; with and without suppressor and generating silencer.
  • Many gun assessors are tasked with determining whether installing a silencer or silencer on a firearm reduces the gun’s sound pressure levels to “perceptible” levels.
  • The Larson Davis SoundTrack LxT® provides this functionality using an easy-to-use handheld sound level meter.
  • With ¼” pre-polarized pressure microphone included; Sound level meter LXT1- QPR, capable of reading very high levels; usually involves gunfire testing.
  • Measurements can be quickly sorted and stored on the internal memory and exported to a PC for storage and reporting.
  • Generated reports include selectable noise parameters (peak, background level, maximum SPL, etc.) as well as instrument calibration history; very important for courtroom presentations.
  • All Larson Davis sound level meters are supplied with a NIST traceable calibration certificate. Annual calibration service is provided.
  • The LXT1- QPR Loudness Meter is an ideal tool to quickly, easily and concisely collect, analyze and present detailed gun noise data.

Gun sound level meter SoundTrackLxT ® LXT1-QPR

II. Advantages of Gun sound level meter SoundTrackLxT ®

  • Accuracy class 1
  • Large screen with backlight
  • 30 Hours Runtime on Energizer ® e2 ® . Lithium Battery
  • Simple setup specifically for gunfire testing applications
  • Large internal memory capable of storing multiple measurements
  • USB connection to PC for data storage, reporting and archiving
  • Utility software provides custom report generation.

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