Intermittent Voltage Simulator VIS 1700

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Model: VIS 1700
Manufacturer: Schlöder
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Schlöder’s VIS 1700 Intermittent Voltage Simulator can simulate voltage drops and fluctuations that occur across supply networks (AC and DC). AC tests are defined in IEC/EN 61000-4-11 and DC tests in IEC/EN 61000-4-29.

  • AC Test: IEC / EN 61000-4-11
  • DC Test: IEC / EN 61000-4-29
  • Automatic AC + DC acceleration function (voltage fluctuations, no need for a second voltage source)
  • Measure current at specified phase angle 0° – 360°.


I. Specification of Intermittent Voltage Simulator VIS 1700

Intermittent Voltage Simulator VIS 1700

  • The clearly adjustable VIS 1700 Intermittent Voltage Simulator can simulate voltage drops and oscillations that occur on supply networks (AC and DC). Different modes of operation are possible:
    • 100% Short Term Disruption: The supply network of the tested device may be interrupted for any period for a specified time (0.1 ms – 9980 ms).
    • Threshold voltage: The transition between rated voltage U1 and variable voltage U2 (U2 always <= U1) is always abrupt. The VIS 1700 Schlöder Voltage Breaker Simulator can – regulate – start or end at any phase angle of the mains voltage. Standard inspection is done for 40%, 70% and 80%. This test requires that a voltage U2 of the same phase be applied to the rear of the equipment. Step transformers (VIS 740) have sufficient capacity to meet regulatory requirements. (Figure 1)
    • Voltage oscillation: oscillates to an adjustable voltage (0 – 95% of U1). The parameters of fall time, test time and recovery time (0.1 to 70 seconds each) can be set separately. No additional voltage is required for this (Figure 2)
      Inrush current measurement: Inrush current can be measured at any phase position (0 – 360°) for each test object with a maximum rated current of 16 A (AC).
  • For oscillation tests, there are three BNC sockets on the back of the unit for voltage, current and trigger parameters.

VIS 1700 VIS 1700

***See more of Gmga’s surge detectors and EMC measurement systems at:

II. Specifications of VIS 1700 voltage interrupter simulator

Intermittent Voltage Simulator VIS 1700

DUT Supply

Nominal voltages

 AC max. 280V

DC max. 360V

Nominal currents:

Voltage dips (picture 1)


max. 16 A / 8 A

Voltage fluctuation (picture 2)

AC / DC 

Max. 16 A / 8 A with 2nd voltage source

Max. 16 A / 4 A with autom. Ramp function

 Phase position Red / green lamp [2]


[9] Slumps / fluctuations synchronously and. asynchronous

[3] Supply voltage U1 = UN

Switchable to + 10% UN and -10% UN

[5] Supply voltage display U1
[4] Definition of the 2nd voltage U2-Test and U2-On, and activation of the ramp function (picture 2)
[6] Display of changeable voltage U2
[1] EUT on / off
[18] Inrush current imax / nominal current measurement
[10]  Inversion of a period
[11]  Activation of RS 232
[12]  RS 232 interface
[13]  Setting the phase angle [7], duration [8], period [14] and test time [15] with a digital potentiometer
[22] Memory-Taste

[7] Phase angle

ϕ = 0 – 359°, Schritt 1°
[8] Duration t1

0,1ms – 9980ms

[14]  Period of time t2

asynchronous 5,0ms – 9990ms   

Asynchronous 20ms – 9980ms

[15]  Test time

0,1sec – 9990sec,

Individual event and duration

[16]  Trigger

Start- / Stop-Taste
[17]  Trigger external

BNC – Connection

[19] DUT connection

Schuko socket
[20] additional

 Laboratory sockets

[21] Earth connection

On the front and back
Measuring technology

BNC connections on the back

For voltage current and trigger

Care „U1“

On the back
Care „U2“

On the back (z.B. Step transformer)

EUT Fail

Connection for test object monitoring on the back


Operating temperatur

0 – 40 °C

19″ casing, 3 HE


13 kg
Mains connection

100-240V / 47-63Hz / 80VA


VIS 740

Step transformer 16 A for

Voltage fluctuations

VIS 760

Diode in the housing, for DC

High impedance mode.


***Videos of surge detectors and EMC measurement systems are available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.


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