Leeb portable hardness tester NOVOTEST T-D2-R with miniature probe

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Model: T-D2-R
Manufacturer: NOVOTEST
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Guarantee: 12 months
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The Leeb portable hardness tester NOVOTEST T-D2-R is a special version of the dynamic durometer with miniature probe. The instrument has all the functions required for operation and allows quick measurements of metal hardness for the operator without experience with analog equipment.


This particular Leeb portable hardness tester is generally used for bulk products where there is a low requirement for the tested surface quality, grain size and material homogeneity.

I. Specification of Leeb portable hardness tester NOVOTEST T-D2-R with miniature probe


  • A dynamic probe is supplied with the instrument, which is well suited for measuring the hardness of metals of various shapes, including the measurement of hardness inside small diameter tubes and difficult-to-reach test objects. other proximity.

NOVOTEST T-D2-R with miniature probe

The price of the device:

  • Leeb portable hardness tester NOVOTEST T-D2-R is the most affordable in the line of hardness testers, achieved by mass production of this device and the utmost simplicity of hardware, making it reliable. as reliable as possible, but no less functional.

Leeb portable hardness tester NOVOTEST T-D2-R with miniature probe


  • This special Leeb NOVOTEST T-D2-R miniature probe durometer can be heated in direct sunlight and works perfectly under low temperature operating conditions (up to -25° C). In addition, thanks to the protective silicone cover on the case, the device has high impact resistance properties, making it as flexible as possible.

Leeb portable hardness tester NOVOTEST T-D2-R with miniature probe

II. Advantages

  • Best price among all similar devices
  • The best offer (function-quality-price ratio) among all dynamic hardness testers
  • The DC type probe is the most common, due to its small size it can be used to test samples with limited access (inside tubes, etc.)
  • Wide hardness measuring range
  • Allows inspection of products with rough, heterogeneous structure (casting, forging)
  • Very easy and simple to set up and operate
  • Wide range of operating temperature
  • Bright contrast screen
  • The user can save the hardness test results to the device’s internal memory and then transfer them to a PC.

***See more of GMGA’s handheld hardness testers at: https://gmga.vn/en/danh-muc/measuring-device/hardness-measuring-equipment/

III. Specifications of Leeb portable hardness tester NOVOTEST T-D2-REL

Range of hardness value

Rockwell, HRC: 20 – 70

Brinell, HB: 90 – 650

Vickers, HV: 230 – 940

Can be calibrated for any scale and any range.

Measurement accuracy


HB: 10HB

HV: 15HV

Hardness scale

Leeb probe – HRC, HB, HV, HL

Additional custom scales for calibration.


Leeb probe – pre-calibrated for steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum or cast iron.

Additional custom scales and materials for calibration.


ASTM A956, ASTM E140

Storage of measurement results

Dimensions, mm


Operating temperature range, ° C

-25 to +40
Power supply

2pcs AA batteries

Batteries life, not less, h

Weight of electronic unit with batteries, no more, kg



***Video of hand-held hardness tester is available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.


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