MK-220 vibration diagnostic machine

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Model: MK-220
Manufacturer: JFE Advantech
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The MK-220 Vibration Diagnostic Machine is a maintenance aid with a fully automatic Defect Diagnosis function. The MK-220 vibration analyzer analyzes the causes of vibrations occurring at the camcorders, fully automatic motor systems, thereby giving the most accurate assessment and diagnosis of defects.


I. Specification Mk-220 vibration diagnostic machine

MK-220 vibration diagnostic machineFully automatic diagnosis:

  • This is suitable even a beginner can operate by supporting the fully automatic diagnostic function of the device.

Dual operation system:

  • This Advantech MK-220 JFE Advantech Vibration Diagnostic Machine works with both touch screen and hardware keyboard both accepted and simple to operate.

2-way indicator:

  • Flexible chart reading with two vertical and horizontal indicators.

Auto detect rotation speed:

  • With this Automatic Vibration Detection Vibration Analyzer, users can use machines with variable rotational speeds without prior setting.

High resolution FFT:

  • The resolution of this versatile diagnostic device of up to 0.00078Hz (min) allows for a high degree of diagnosis of the fault cause.

Display image:

  • Measure function:

MK-220 vibration diagnostic machine

MK-220 vibration diagnostic machine


Diagnostic function:

    • Bearing diagnostics Inner ring failure, Outer ring failure, Rolling element failure, Failure
    • Diagnosing gear teeth with chipped teeth, misaligned center axis, tooth wear, tooth shape defects, local defects
    • Mechanism diagnosis: Imbalance, misalignment, shaft bending, insufficient frame stiffness, loosening, shaft wear,
    • improper installation
    • Pump, fan/blower diagnostics: Pressure pulsation, equivalent wear, uneven wear, local impeller defects
    • Motor diagnostics High frequency vibration, unbalanced power supply

MK-220 vibration diagnostic machine MK-220 vibration diagnostic machine

  • Data management software:


***See more GMGA industrial defect diagnostic vibration analyzers at:

II. Technical parameters of vibration diagnostic equipment for detecting defects MK-220

Vibration measuring part specifications

Input signal

Vibration pickup signal 1 channel
Measurement mode Measuring mode Measuring frequency range

Measuring range

Measuring frequency range

(default )
(Default) Acceleration(TH,OA) 5 to 20kHz 500 m/s20-P
Measuring range Acceleration(OA) 1k to 20kHz

(1m/s2≒0.1G) *1


Acceleration(PEAK) 1k to 20kHz
  Acceleration(ENV) 1k to 20kHz



5 to 1kHz 500 mm/s0-P *1
  Displacement 5 to 1kHz

5000 μmP-P

Frequency filter

Measuring mode

Acceleration(TH,OA) 5,10,15,20,100,200,



500,1k,2k,5k,10k,15k, 20kHz
Acceleration(PEAK) 20kHz


5,10,15,20,100,200, 100,200,250,500,





Dynamic range

88dB and over
Analyzing frequency range


Window function

Rectangular, Hamming, Hanning, Flat top

1/100, 1/200, 1/400, 1/800, 1/1600, 1/3200, 1/6400, 1/12800 of analyzing frequency range

*1 Indication in G or cm/s available

General specifications


TFT color LCD with backlight
External memory

1GB SD card

Main power supply

Lithium ion rechargeable battery
Continuous working time

2 hours or more with 1 battery, 5 hours or more with 2 batteries

Recharging time

Within 15 hours *3 hours with genuine fast charger
Protection structure of main unit

Water / dust proofness IP67

Operating temperature

0 to 50°C (With maximum moisture amount at 85RH in 40°C circumstance, No condensation)
Storage temperature

-10 to 60°C (With maximum moisture amount at 85RH in 40°C circumstance, No condensation)



Approx.380g (with 2 rechargeable batteries)

*Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for details.


***Vibration analysis equipment video for defect diagnosis is available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.


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