Mobile roughness measuring instrument HOMMEL-ETAMIC

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Model: W5 / W10 / W20
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HOMMEL ETAMIC Jenoptik ETAMIC Series W handheld roughness meter, users can measure surface texture of workpiece by measuring tactile roughness. A wide range of measurement systems are available – from compact hand-held devices for mobile applications and stationary systems for complex measuring tasks to dedicated customer-specific measuring stations.

The HOMMEL ETAMIC W roughness gauge is very accurate and reliable. They are ideal for everyday roughness measurement use in production and are simple to operate, saving your time, costs and resources.


I. Specification of Mobile roughness measuring instrument HOMMEL-ETAMIC

Material tester for quick measurements / Support for accurate workpieces / Multi selector / Handy device / with USB and Bluetooth interface / With adjustable feet for height adjustment / Li-ion – Battery / Stabilizer.

Mobile roughness measuring instrument HOMMEL-ETAMIC-W5_W10_W20-Jenoptik

A. Mobile roughness measuring instrument: Light, small and with long-life battery pack Waveline W5

The Waveline W5 handheld roughness meter is easy to use, powerful and gives reliable results – the compact and lightweight design makes the W5 perfect for mobile use:

Mobile roughness measuring instrument HOMMEL-ETAMIC-W5-Jenoptik

  • The Waveline W5 portable roughness meter impresses with its highly accurate and reliable roughness measurement. The system can be precisely positioned on the workpiece and does not slip.
  • Light weight and compact design make this roughness meter easy to use for portable applications.
  • The HOMMEL ETAMIC Jenoptik handheld roughness meter uses pjn power supply, with a single battery charge lasting more than 800 measurements, the device will not let you down even with frequent use.
  • The roughness probe (measuring probe) can be changed easily and quickly, making the W5 roughness meter can be used for a multitude of different measuring tasks. The intuitive click wheel and color display mean the measuring instrument is exceptionally easy to use.
  • The measuring system can be expanded with the Waveline P5 printer – Optional. The two components can be easily connected with the latest Bluetooth® technology, allowing users to instantly print out their measurement results without the need for any additional cables.

Handheld Roughness Tester HOMMEL ETAMIC W5-Jenoptik Handheld Roughness Tester HOMMEL ETAMIC W5-Jenoptik Handheld Roughness Tester HOMMEL ETAMIC W5-Jenoptik

The benefits of W5:

  • High measurement quality: Robust, calibrated roughness probe
  • Compact and lightweight: Exceptionally portable thanks to its compact design and a weight of only 270 grams
  • Rugged and cordless: Up to 800 measurements possible on a single battery charge; print out via Bluetooth® technology
  • Ease of use: Intuitive graphical user interface and click wheel
  • Clear: Large color display, allowing easy reading of tolerance assessment results
  • Large memory capacity: 5 measurement programs, 100 records or 10,000 measurements.

B. Measuring instrument: Portable roughness meter to check horizontal, overhead and vertical positions Waveline W10

With the portable Waveline W10 roughness meter you can measure your workpiece wirelessly, with clear results always displayed on the large touchscreen:

Mobile roughness measuring instrument HOMMEL-ETAMIC-W10-Jenoptik

  • The Waveline W10 roughness meter is ideal for use in portable roughness measurement, allowing the user to monitor the surface quality of workpieces during production.
  • The actual measurement system has extensive functionality. It provides reliable and accurate measurement both during horizontal exploration and in overhead and vertical positions. The integrated roughness standard allows rapid testing of the instrument, ensuring high accuracy.
  • The HOMMEL ETAMIC Jenoptik W10 handheld roughness meter has a built-in thermal printer, measurement results can be recorded immediately. Tolerance ratings, profiles, Abbott curves and statistics can be printed out instantly.
  • This professional roughness meter is offered with seven different programs as well as an instrument test option. All functions can be operated via the modern and user-friendly color touch screen. No time-intensive training required, saving you time and money.
  • The measurement system can be extended with the Evovis Mobile – Optional evaluation software. This PC-based software has been specially developed for portable measuring instruments and greatly expands the roughness measurement functions. It works in online and offline modes and assists you in the selection of measurement conditions. You can also automatically save your printed templates.

The benefits of W10:

  • High Accuracy: Accurately measure all common roughness parameters
  • Compliance with standards: Meet the requirements of international standards
  • Versatile: Allows horizontal exploration, and overhead and vertical measurements
  • Practical: Measure without wires; Integrated charging dock for LV17 . horizontal device
  • Ease of use: Modern, intuitive touch screen.
  • Clear: View results with tolerance assessment and surface profiles.

Handheld Roughness Tester HOMMEL ETAMIC W10 Jenoptik Handheld Roughness Tester HOMMEL ETAMIC W10 Jenoptik

C. Non-slip probe system optimizes your mobile roughness measurement tasks Waveline W20

Waveline W20 non-slip transducer system optimizes mobile roughness measurement:

Mobile roughness measuring instrument HOMMEL-ETAMIC-W20-Jenoptik

  • The Waveline W20 non-slip transducer system has been designed specifically for mobile roughness measurement. It not only measures all common roughness parameters, but also evaluates the precision and total profile of your workpiece surfaces.
  • The measuring instruments are particularly compact and portable. The built-in battery makes this precise roughness meter possible to use even without an external power source.
  • The measuring probe is automatically positioned on the workpiece surface. The motorized probe lowering function simplifies operation, you just need to position the traversing unit and start measuring. When the measurement is completed, the probe arm is automatically lifted off the workpiece. This protects the transducer from damage.
  • The large color touch screen is extremely clear and easy to operate. With the built-in printer, you can display your measurement results as a graph instantly. Parameters, profile graphics, Abbott curves and statistical data can be displayed.
  • The HOMMEL ETAMIC Jenoptik W20 mobile roughness measuring instrument offers seven measurement programs, as well as the option to test it with the built-in roughness standard.

The benefits of W20:

  • Safety: Motorized probe reduction protects the roughness probe and automatically sets the measuring range
  • Portable use: Compact portable device with non-slip probe system
  • Value document: Print results instantly
  • Ease of use: Clear and transparent thanks to the large, color touchscreen with contextual probe functions
  • Info: Displays parameters, profile graphics, Abbott curves and statistical data
  • Versatile: Extensive range of accessories for individual measuring tasks.

Handheld Roughness Tester HOMMEL ETAMIC W20 Jenoptik Handheld Roughness Tester HOMMEL ETAMIC W20 Jenoptik

***Discover more of GMGA’s handheld roughness meter at:

II. Specifications of Mobile roughness measuring instrument HOMMEL-ETAMIC

Total deviation DIN 4772

Class 1
Measuring range(s) / Resolution

320 μ (-210/+110) / 5 nm


Inductive skids button, 2 μm/ 90 °
Unit of measurement

μm/ μinch selectable


total 17.5 mm

According to ISO/JIS / 1.5 / 4.8 / 15 mm

According to MOTIF / 0.64 / 3.2 / 16 / mm

Cut Off (ISO / JIS)

0.25 / 0.8 / 2.5 / mm

Number of sampling lengths

1…5 selectable

Phasecorrect profile filter (Gaussian)

According to DIN EN ISO 11562

Filter according to ISO 13565-1

Ls – Filter according to DIN EN ISO 3274

Robust Gaussian filter ISO 16610-31

Keying speed

0.15 /0.5 /1/ mm/sec | Returns: 3 mm/sec
Data point spacing

Min. 0.5μm (9600 Points at lt = 4.8mm)

Size characteristics

DIN EN ISO 4287:

Ra, Rz, Rmax(Rt), Rq, RSm, Rmr(c) , RSK

DIN EN ISO 13565:

Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2

MOTIF ISO 12085:

R, AR, Rx


Rp, Rpm
JIS B601

Rz-JIS, Ry (equivalent to Rz), tp (equivalent to Rmr)

DIN EN 10049 

Daimler DB N 31007 



V0 (Oil retention volume)
Data storage

5 measurement programs

Offline storage

Max. 100 profiles, max 10,000 measurements
Working / operating temperature       

5 … 40°C / 41 … 104°F


ca. 50 x 63 x 127.5 mm / 2 x 2.5 x 5 in

270 g / < 1 lb


USB, Bluetooth
Power supply 

Li-Ion rechargeable battery

Battery capacity

800 measuring cycles
Battery recharge time

4 h

Wide range power supply

100  … 264V


III. Video


***More roughness meter videos are available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.


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