Needle detector EF-730

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Model: EF-730
Manufacturer: Donsoar
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EF-730 Automatic conveyor needle detector is widely used in detecting broken needles in the textile and medical industries, such as the clothing industry, the socks industry, the glove industry, the home textile industry, .. The machine uses high-performance chip, the highest sensitivity can reach 0.8mm..


Needle detector EF-730

I. Specification EF-730 automatic conveyor needle detector

Even the smallest needle can be detected: 

  • When the magnetic object enters the detection channel, the upper and lower transducers generate a signal through strong magnetic field induction and send the signal to the signal receiving processor, then the photoelectric controller, chip strong power, sensitive control chip, signal receiving chip and signal output chip, and operating component complete the detection work.

Needle detector EF-730 Needle detector EF-730


May-do-kim-bang-tai-tu-dongHigh sensitivity induction coil.

May-do-kim-EF-720High sensitivity lock.

May-do-kim-bang-chuyen-tu-dongPrinter options.

May-do-kim-bang-chuyen-tu-dong4.3” touch screen.

Product function:

  • Digital Circuit: This advanced needle detector adopts newly developed digital circuit board and detection circuit board, and realizes fast detection and stable performance. The use of digital processing makes testing highly accurate.
  • Energy-saving design: Automatically stops if no operation within 10 minutes. Low power consumption with 60W low power motor. Avoid pointless consumption of electrical energy and strive for the sustainable development of the earth’s environment.
  • Mode Switching: The EF-730 Automatic Load Needle Detector has both mode B and mode C. Mode B is suitable for inspecting accessories such as zippers, buttons, hardware, etc. One key switch, easy to operate.
  • Counting Function: Use Omron’s infrared light to accurately count each passed product. Print function: Optional on request. Used to print output detection data.

Needle detector EF-730

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II. Specifications of needle detector EF-730

Technical Specifications

Detection width

600 mm
Detection height 100 mm 120 mm 150 mm 200 mm

250 mm


≥0.8 mm ≥1.0 mm ≥1.2 mm ≥1.5 mm ≥2.0 mm
Induction mode

Magnetic induction

Perceivable metal


Silicon Lab

Sensitivity adjustment

Alarm method

Buzz,Belt stop,Belt return

Count function

Belt width


Belt speed



Motor power

Power Supply


Net weight

Dimensions data 1830 x 1030

x 900mm

1830 x 1030 

x 920mm

1830 x 1030

x 950mm

1830 x 1030

x 1000mm

1830 x 1030

x 1050mm

Packing size

1890 x 1100

x 1020mm

1890 x 1100

x 1040mm

1890 x 1100

x 1050mm

890 x 1100

x 1120mm

1890 x 1100

x 1170mm


***Device videos are available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube


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