Plastic flow meter QT-400A

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Model: QT-400A
Manufacturer: Qiantong
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The QT-400A Plastic Flow Meter is used to test the melt flow of high melting point engineering plastics such as PE, PASU, fluoroplastic and nylon. As well as testing materials with low melting temperature such as PS, PP ABS plastic, POM.


I. Specification of plastic flow meter QT-400A

Product features:

Plastic flow meter QT-400A

  • The test results are interchangeable. The machine can also test the molten density. The multifunction tester can time, cut and print results automatically.
  • The control software can set parameters, control fixed temperature, cut, calibrate, time, display MFR results and calculate melt density.
    The test data is printable and can be asked after the test.
    Some important operations require code validation to prevent negligence.
  • Melt flow meter is controlled by color PLC touch screen, English and Chinese bilingual interface. Efficient chassis interface with beautiful exterior design and stable control system with fast temperature rise, small overshoot, precise stable temperature control.
  • After loading the sample, it recovers quickly to the fixed temperature state. In addition, an upper limit temperature protection layer is also adjusted.
  • This is currently the leading product in the field of measuring the flow of molten plastic, reaching the global level 1 standard. Products are sold overseas to more than 10 countries in Europe and America. And have obtained EU CE certification.

Scope of use:

  • This device is commonly used in university laboratory facilities, materials research centers, quality control organizations, plastic manufacturers and petroleum chemical industries.


  • Plastic flow meter QT-400A meets the standards:
    • GB/T 3682-2000: Flow rate, thermoplastic melt volume and flow rate test, melt mass – MFR
    • ISO 1133-1:2011: Plastics — Determination of melt mass flow rate (MFR) and volumetric flow rate (MVR) of thermoplastics – Part 1: Standard method.

Environmental conditions:

  • Ambient temperature: within 10-40
  • Relative humidity: within 30%-80%

II. Specifications of plastic and rubber flow tester QT-400A

Temperature control range:

Displayedtemperature deviation:

≤ ±0.2℃, precise constant temperature control

Temperature fluctuation:

Fast recovering time:

≤ 4min,fast return to constant temperature state after feeding

Testing method:

Instrument dimension:

(LxWxH) 510x360x570mm


single-phase 220V 50Hz 400W

40 KG


***Device videos are available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.


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