Polynomial vehicle interface IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2

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Model: neoVI FIRE 2
Manufacturer: IntrepidCS
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Guarantee: 36 tháng
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The IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2 polynomial vehicle interface provides Ethernet, eight CAN channels (including CAN FD) and two LIN channels in one instrument.


IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2 Polynomial Vehicle Interface – Vehicle Network Adapters Modern vehicle architectures are expanding to include Ethernet and CAN FD in addition to existing CAN and LIN networks. IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2 offers Ethernet, eight CAN channels (including CAN FD) and two LIN channels in one instrument. All channels run concurrently and are timed in hardware.

I. Specification of IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2 media logger network adapter

Features IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2:

  • CAN / CAN FD channel 8x DW
  • Activated 4x software MAY terminate
  • IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2 polynomial vehicle interface with 2x LIN . channels
  • 1x DoIP trigger line
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) for use with DoIP, XCPoE and more
  • 10x Programmable Tri-color LEDs
  • 2x full-size SD cards for up to 2 terabytes of storage with SD 3.0 support with 800 Mbps logging
  • Real-time clock for hardware timing of all messages and backups at 25ns
  • Ethernet as PC interface
  • IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2 integrates membrane LEDs to show link, fault and operational status
  • Membrane buttons for trigger data logger control
  • Internal expansion temperature battery for safe shutdown
  • Vehicle battery level indicator and alarm
  • Buzzer

Polynomial vehicle interface IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2

IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2 – Independent logging, scripting and simulation:

  • In addition to acting as a PC interface, IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2 can operate in standalone mode. It can run real-time scripts, write data to two removable full-size SD cards, and emulate ECUs and docking ports. With these features, neoVI Fire 2 can also run a script to recombine the ECUs using data from the SD card.
  • The IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2 polynomial vehicle interface is capable of writing to two full-size SD cards, uses fail-safe, real-time FAT32 storage for reliability and PC compatibility.
  • The IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2 media data logger also features a real-time clock for hardware timing of all messages. A powerful power management system will automatically turn off neoVI Fire 2 and it will come back on based on PC connection or network activity.

IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2  – The power of the script – CoreMini:

  • If users need to support proprietary protocols, set up simulations to run in parallel with data loggers, or any other custom action, the IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2 system provides a scripting environment for you to extend. basic functions tailored to individual needs. This makes the whole system very flexible and adaptable.

Pin Diagram HD26:

1. NC 10. GND 19. VBAT
2. DW CAN 4 L 11. NC 20. NC
3. DW CAN 5 L 12. DW CAN 4 H 21. DW CAN 7 L
4. DW CAN 1 L 13. DW CAN 5 H 22. LIN 01 / ISO K 01
5. DW CAN 8 L 14. DW CAN 1 H 23. LIN 02
6. DW CAN 2 L 15. DW CAN 8 H 24. EXT WAKE
7. DW CAN 3 L 16. DW CAN 2 H 25. ETH 01 ACTIVATE
8. DW CAN 6 L 17. DW CAN 3 H 26. DW CAN 7 H
9. NC 18.DW CAN 6 H


  • Standalone data logger
  • Standalone ECU or vehicle simulator
  • In-vehicle data acquisition system
  • Mandatory test team data collection
  • Fleet Management
  • Vehicle interface with J2534 and RP1210

***You may be interested in the GMGA PCAN-USB adapter: https://gmga.vn/en/danh-muc/industrial-equipment/pcan-usb-adapter/

II. Specifications polynomial vehicle interface IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2

Protocol Support

J1939: Includes J1939 DBC, BAM, RTS/CTS
UDS (ISO14229):
Services include $19, $22, $23, $2A, $2C
DBC, A2L (ASAP2 File), GDX, MDX, ODX support
CCP: Includes A2L (ASAP2 file) and ROB support
XCP: Includes A2L (ASAP2 file) and ROB support

Networks / Inputs

2-8x Dual wire CAN (all baud rates supported)
2 Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T)

Device Specifications

Low power consumption
Power supply: 5-60V operation
LEDs: 10 programmable tri-color LEDs
2 LEDs for legacy status; 2 user buttons
Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
On-board UPS power supply for safe shutdown of data logger
Dimensions: 13.60cm by 22cm by 3.97cm
SD card: 2 card slot support for up to 2 TB of storage; card formatted using FAT32 for PC compatibility
DAQ Ethernet
Vehicle connectors: 26-pin male HD D-sub
One-year limited warranty
Field-upgradeable flash firmware
Standalone mode, including scripting, receive messages, transmit messages, expressions, I/O and transport layers
J2534 and RP1210 A/B compatible for CAN / ISO15765- 2:2016 (CAN FD)
Battery-backed real-time clock (RTC)

Timing Specifications

64-bit timestamping to an accuracy of 25 nanoseconds on all networks
Simultaneous operation on all CAN/LIN networks
Transmit message double-buffering on all networks, allowing back-to-back message transmission

Network Specifications – CAN

8 x ISO CAN FD channels
CAN 2.0B compatible for all CAN networks
2-8 dedicated ISO11898 Dual Wire CAN FD physical layers (TJA1043)
Up to 1 Mb/s software-selectable baud rate for arbitration phase (auto baud capable)
Up to 8 Mb/s software-selectable baud rate for data phase (auto baud capable)
Listen-only mode support

Network Specifications – LIN

Up to 2x LIN (Local Interconnect Network)
Full support for LIN 1.X, 2.X and J2602
LIN J2602 / 2.X compatible physical layer
Software-enabled 1K LIN Master Resistor per channel
LIN Bus Monitor Mode identifies errors: Sync Break Error State and Length, Sync Wave Error, Message ID parity, TFrameMax/ Slave Not Responding, Checksum Error and Transmit Bit Errors
LIN Bus Master Mode operates at same time as LIN Bus Monitor
LIN Bus Slave simulation, with or without an LDF file
LIN Bus hardware schedule table with support for LIN diagnostics
Initialization Waveforms, including Fast Init, Five Baud, and Custom
Software-selectable baud rate

III. Video

***Detailed product specification sheet: IntrepidCS neoVI FIRE 2.


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