Precision titrator INESA REX ZDJ-2

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Model: ZDJ-2
Manufacturer: REX / INESA
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Guarantee: 12 months
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Precision titrator INESA REX ZDJ-2 is the leading laboratory integration, fulfillment and automated analyzer for precision titration.

This titration method of INESA REX ZDJ-2 is capable of performing all common types of titrations and provides highly accurate measurement and results data management.


Precision titrator INESA REX ZDJ-2 supports the following titration modes: SET and MAT.

I. Specification of compact INESA ZDJ-2 potentiometric titrator

  • INESA REX ZDJ-2 potentiometric titrator with LCD display.
  • Supports the following titration modes: SET (Preset Endpoint Titration) and MAT (Manual Titration).
  • JB-10 stirrer is included.
  • A glass burette can be used for volume measurement (prepared by the user).
  • INESA REX ZDJ-2 meets ISO 9001.

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II. Specifications precision titrator INESA REX ZDJ-2


Measuring Unit Range

(0~±1400) mv, (0~14.00)pH


1mV, 0.01pH

pH: ±0.03pH mv: ±5mV


±0.01pH /3h
General Power Supply

AC (220±22) V; (50±1) Hz

Dimension (mm)& Weight (kg)

300*235*100; 3
Package Size

490*410*300mm; 5kg

***Product main path: INESA REX ZDJ-2 Economical high quality Potentiometric Titrator.


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