QT-6030D digital hydraulic testing machine

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QT-6030D digital hydraulic testing machine can take on the role of electro-hydraulic servo automatic control machines, automatic measurement, data collection, display and processing of test results.

With the specification lower body taking the oil cylinder machine as the main foundation, precise pump structure and electro-hydraulic servo valve, servo controller and PC to realize multi-channel closed-loop control can complete the process automatic control tester, automatic measurement function. This is a specialized device, with features of high reliability, easy to upgrade, suitable for the development and change of measurement technology, testers and testing standards.


I. Main structure and function features of QT-6030D digital hydraulic testing machine

QT-6030D digital hydraulic testing machine


  • The versatile QT-6030D digital hydraulic tester is equipped with a cylinder-mounted hoist frame. This structure greatly reduces the height of the server. And the equipment is convenient in transportation and installation, has stable performance and high reliability.
  • The test bed moves by motor, chain and lead screw, which makes tension space adjustable and test operation convenient.

Test and control system:

  • Combined with electro-hydraulic servo oil source, full digital PC servo controller, electro-hydraulic servo valus, pressure sensor, extensometer for sample strain measurement, photoelectric meter for measurement displacement, PC control and measurement cards for testers, printers, multifunction test software packages, electrical controllers and others.

Standard hydraulic cylinder system:

  • The QT-6030D Digital Hydraulic Tester is designed, engineered and manufactured to standard modularity with complete technology for load-adaptive throttle input speed regulation system, especially used for electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine.
  • Versatile test equipment selected by the engine – the oil pump is technically mature, and has reliable quality, stable performance
  • Self-developed and manufactured load-adaptive throttle speed regulating valve with unique technology, stable system pressure, adaptive constant pressure differential flow regulation, no energy consumption overflow, easy to realize PID closed-loop control.
  • Piping system: Pipes, joints and welds are synchronized with stable performance, ensuring the sealing hydraulic system does not leak oil..

Control cabinet:

  • All the strong current components of the system are concentrated in the strong current control cabinet. The strong current unit can be separated from the weak current measurement and control unit. This separation will ensure the measurement and control system will be noise free, stable and long lasting.
  • Manual operation button is installed on the electric control cabinet, including: power switch, emergency stop and start and stop oil source oil pump, etc..

PC – Full digital servo control system:

  • With the PC as the main unit, the system is fully digital automatic PID tuning. The unit is equipped with a servo amplifier with PC, measurement and control software, data acquisition and processing software, which can realize closed-loop control of test force, sample deformation, displacement piston. Switch and switch control modes quickly.
  • The system consists of: three signal modulators (test force unit, cylinder piston displacement unit, sample deformer), control signal generator, servo valve actuator, power controller servo oil, required I/O interface, software system, etc. .
  • Closed control loop of the system: measuring sensor (pressure sensor, displacement sensor, extensometer), servo valve, controller (each signal regulator) and amplifier servos together form several closed control loops. Loop control functions of the tester’s test force, the displacement of the cylinder piston and the deformation of the sample. It has many control modes, like equal speed test force, equal oil cylinder displacement speed, equal strain rate and so on. and can realize the control mode switching smoothly, so that the system has greater flexibility.

PC – board servo amplifier for tester:

  • This is a pluggable PC card board, specially designed for test machine with advanced computer bus control technology, including program-controlled analog amplifier, A/converter D, digital data acquisition channel, digital data I/O, etc.
  • Special measurement and control cards and PC equipment into a single card measurement and control system, which can be directly connected to sensors, measurement and control and data acquisition, and at the same time do for simple and reliable data acquisition and measurement and control systems.
  • Using computer bus technology, directly into the computer expansion slot, full digital circuit, zero adjustment, gain adjustment, etc. done by software. It is the latest product unit of testing machine testing and control technology development.
  • Programmable stage amplifiers can obtain different magnifications.
  • The sensor bridge power shares the same voltage as the A/D chip’s reference voltage, and the whole measurement system decreases year by year, realizing bridge power hardware compensation technology.
  • Multi-bit A/D conversion meets system resolution and sensitivity requirements, while avoiding software frequency doubling that degrades system characteristics.

Multi-function testing software:

  • Windows operating system.
  • The computer screen displays the test force, cylinder displacement, load speed and strain test data, and plots various test curves such as test force/strain and strain test force. Automatic data processing, data processing methods meet the requirements of today’s standards, such as upper and lower yield points, maximum force points, all kinds of non-proportional stress points. specified, all types of specified full elongation stress points, etc. at the same time meet the pressure test requirements of the testing machine.
  • The software may also provide data analysis functionality to accommodate employee testing data processing.
  • It has powerful graphic operation functions, such as dynamic test curve and digital display function, graphic gain and intercept function, pointer tracking and display function and so on.
  • VXDs high-speed data acquisition technology is adopted for multi-channel high-speed data acquisition (up to 16 channels).
  • The system has a complete file operation function to store test graph images and test data. In it, the test data can be stored as ASCII code, to facilitate the user to conduct secondary data processing.
  • Function to output single test report and batch test report.

Security system:

  • The device has overload control system, power failure, piston reaching limit position and other protection functions.

Hydraulic clamp oil source:

  • Versatile digital hydraulic tester QT-6030D with low noise independent hydraulic clamp oil source, clamping and loosening chuck control.

QT-6030D digital hydraulic testing machine

II. Technical parameter of QT-6030D digital hydraulic testing machine


Unit QT-6030D QT-6060D


Load capacity

KN 300 600 100
Tester level 1 1


Precision level

% 1 1


Measurement range

2%-100%FS 2%-100%FS 2%-100%FS
Maximum strength space mm 520 520


Maximum compression space

mm 420 420


Distance between column

mm 460 460 510
Sensors oil pressure sensor, photoelectric sensor oil pressure sensor, photoelectric sensor, extensometer

oil pressure sensor, photoelectric sensor, extensometer

Control mode

electro-hydraulic servo closed-loop control, control mode can be switched smoothly

Maximum spacing of curved support

mm 400 400


Host size

mm 730x570x1845 730×570×1900



***For more information about tensile testing equipment, please visit: https://gmga.vn/en/danh-muc/testing-equipment/tensile-strength-test-equipment/


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