QT-PFE990A mask dust filter efficiency tester

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Model: QT-PFE990A
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The mask dust filter efficiency tester QT-PFE990A is used to test the filtration efficiency of particulate matter in daily protective masks, medical masks and respirators. It is applicable to medical equipment testing center, safety protection testing center, labor protection testing center, drug testing center, epidemic prevention center, textile testing center garment, hospital, mask and mask manufacturer, etc.


I. Specification of mask filter efficiency testing machine QT-PFE990A

Product features:

QT-PFE990A mask dust filter efficiency tester

  • The mask dust filter efficiency tester QT-PFE990A uses a cold aerosol generator to produce continuous and stable aerosol particles, which is very convenient when testing solutions.
  • High precision PM2.5 sensor is used to measure aerosol concentration.
  • Design to prevent leakage of particles during the whole process to protect the safety of laboratory personnel.
  • This test equipment is equipped with a salt particle aerosol generator.
  • Equip with electrostatic charge neutralization device for aerosol particles.
  • The device is equipped with pneumatic fixing and protection device, which is safe and convenient to use.
  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensor to display the ambient temperature and humidity in real time (required temperature and humidity: 25 ℃ ± 5 ℃, 30% RH ± 10% RH).
  • Equipped with glass camera, vacuum pump and laser particle counter.
  • Save, export, query and print test data.
  • New UI interface design, intuitive operation interface, greatly improved operating experience.
  • The device has a powerful data storage function, which can store up to 50,000 pieces of data.
  • Micro printer and USB universal data interface for data output and transfer.
  • Smart design:
    • Overload data protection and power failure memory storage, which can effectively ensure the safety of users’ operation.
  • Inspection software can be selected according to the requirements of GMP computer system, with functions of user management, authority management, data inspection monitoring and so on.
  • Pubtester also provides professional customization services to facilitate customers performing non-standard tests.
  • Provide free software upgrade service.

Scope of use:

  • The dust flow tester is used to measure the ventilation and differential pressure of the mask under specified conditions.
  • This test equipment is applicable to the inspection and testing of mask products of mask manufacturers and testing facilities of labor protective equipment, and is used to measure wind resistance and difference in temperature. differential pressure of surgical masks and disposable medical masks under specified conditions.
  • The device is applicable to the inspection and inspection of surgical medical masks and disposable medical masks carried out by the inspection organization of labor protective equipment and mask manufacturers..

Practical application:

  • Face mask: 
    • The dust filter tester is suitable for testing the particle passing efficiency of medical protective masks, surgical masks and general medical masks.
  • Protective gear:
    • The dust filter efficiency tester is suitable for testing the particle transmission rate and efficiency of daily work clothes, surgical gowns, isolation suits and protective suits.

II. Technical parameters of QT-PFE990A mask dust filter efficiency tester



Testing range



1 grade

Flowmeter range


Flowmeter precision

2.5 grade
Sample frequency

1-9999 次/min

Particulate matter

Count the median

Salt particles(0.075±0.02) μm
oil particles (0.185±0.02) were kept constant

Geometric standard
deviation of particle size

Salt particles ≤1.86
Oil particulate ≤1.60

Dynamic detection

(0.001-100) mg/m3, precision:1%


220VAC  50Hz


64 kg


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