Quick image dimensioner high-precision AMO100

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Model: AMO100
Manufacturer: AUSKY
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The AMO100 high precision image dimensioner has invested in research and development in fast image processing, precise compensation, system framework and institutional performance.

This image measuring instrument has been packed with a series of highly efficient and highly accurate professional visual fast solutions, dedicated to respond to the pace of global industry 4.0 while detecting and High efficiency measurement, providing comprehensive innovation.


I. Specification of Quick image dimensioner high-precision AMO100

Quick image dimensioner high-precision AMO100

Tool features:

  • Advanced and professional software system, top measurement with high efficiency and high accuracy.
  • File import and export, offline programming.
  • High-precision image processing and Auto edge tracking.
  • Top imported pre-processed images, improved, matched, morphological, weak face blurred, color discrimination, image pattern, barcode, contour recognition matching. Etc.
  • Built-in AMO100 image size rapid meter body for convenient expansion, rich IO and sensor interface design, perfect integration with various types of online campaigns and up and down material systems.

Application range:

  • The AMO100 digital quick image dimensioner can be used for a wide range of mobile phones, hardware, plastic, electronics, connectors, die cutters, PCB, FPC, glass, screws and other sizes other rapid measurement and detection.

Configure the main function of the device:

  • This digital image dimensioner is combined with archeng fast image measuring software, 5 million pixel high definition color CCD, wide field telescopic lens, specific light source and motor.

Cost savings:

  • The AMO100 digital image dimensioner can perform the multi-function of one machine, greatly reducing the cost of purchasing test instruments many times for the user and saving the labor cost and the occupied space of the user. the purchase of multiple test instruments. AMO series can meet the larger development needs of the user’s business in the future, as well as the rapidly expanding needs of product testing work, and provide a good foundation for the quality of users’ products.

***Explore 2D & 3D image dimensioning devices at: https://gmga.vn/en/danh-muc/measuring-device/dimension-measuring-equipment/image-and-video-size-measuring-equipment/

II. Specifications of AMO100 digital image dimensioner

AMO36 AMO68 AMO100 AMO150


Image System

5 million 2/3 inches 5 million 2/3 inches, 12 million 11.1 inches, 20 million 1 inches optional
Effective Measurement Range(mm)1* 29.3X22 68X50 88X66 111X93


Light Source

According to the purpose of measurement, parallel bottom light, telecentric bottom light, 1-8 zonal ring light, coaxial light and so on can be selected.
Repeatability(± μm) ± 0.5μm ± 0.5μm < ± 1μm < ±1.5μm

< ± 2μm

Measurement Accuracy (extreme difference)

± 1μm ± 1.5μm ± 3μm ±4μm ± 5μm
Measurement Accuracy ± 0.5μm ± 1μm < ± 2μm < ±2.5μm

< ± 3μm

100 Element Measuring Time (Second)

< 0.2s < 0.2s < 0.2s < 0.2s < 0.2s
Load-Bearing WeightKG 10KG 10KG 10KG 20KG


Machine Size (Long X Width X High)



***Video of image dimensioning device is available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.


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