RCA abrasion tester Szpengjie PJ-7-IBB-CC

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Model: PJ-7-IBB-CC
Manufacturer: Szpengjie
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RCA abrasion tester Szpengjie PJ-7-IBB-CC also known as abrasion tester is used to test surfaces for abrasion and wear resistance.


I. Specification of RCA wear tester Szpengjie PJ-7-IBB-CC

  • RCA abrasion tester Szpengjie PJ-7-IBB-CC is used on painted or plated organic finishes, foil and inked keyboard lettering.
  • This PJ-7-IBB-CC RCA Abrasion Gauge is widely used as a standard for many manufacturers of silicon keyboards and membrane switches.
  • Furthermore this PJ-7-IBB-CC RCA grinder is used as a standard for the automotive, appliance, mobile phone, plastics and coatings industries.
  • The RCA PJ-7-IBB-CC uses an inexpensive abrasive paper roll. All integration errors are eliminated and consistent readings are easily obtained.

RCA abrasion tester Szpengjie PJ-7-IBB-CC

RCA Szpengjie PJ-7-IBB-CC test machine principle:

  • This RCA abrasion tester uses a special paper tape as the friction medium; and place a fixed load on the friction head.
  • The friction head continuously applies force to the surface of the sample through a roller of fixed diameter; and a paper tape powered by a fixed speed motor; until it is visible that the substrate can reach a specific level of wear; and the wear resistance of the sample is assessed by the number of revolutions of the motor displayed by the counter.

***You may be interested in the GMGA roughness meter: https://gmga.vn/en/danh-muc/measuring-device/roughness-measuring-equiment/

II. Specifications of RCA abrasion tester Szpengjie PJ-7-IBB-CC

  • There are three load options: 55g, 175g, 275g, suitable for different soft materials and different test conditions. (Note: The standard test load is 275g (no weight loss added to the lever), two weight reduction weights are attached and the test load can be reduced to 55g and 175g)
  • There are two fixing methods to choose from, suitable for flat or 3D models.
  • A lamp-type magnifying glass is attached to view the abrasive results.
  • Counting method: 7-IBB: Rotary counter 7-IBB-CC: Digital counter (LCD display, 0-999,999 revolutions can be set).
  • Power: 50/60Hz, 1A, 220V
  • Dimensions: 890 (L) X485 (W) X410 (H) mm
  • Weight: Server 20KG.

RCA abrasion tester Szpengjie PJ-7-IBB-CC

III. Standard kit Szpengjie PJ-7-IBB-CC

  • RCA abrasion tester Szpengjie PJ-7-IBB-CC
  • Flat surface (including magnetic base)
  • A set of tools
  • Lamp magnifying glass
  • Test load: 55g, 175g.
  • 3D Model Holder
  • Three O rings
  • A set of hexagon wrenches
  • A roll of test paper.


  • When the same sample is tested under different means of friction, the number of revolutions obtained and the test results will be very different. The use of specialized paper tape is key to ensuring the reliability of test data.
  • After unpacking the test cassette, take measures against moisture to ensure good condition of the test strip.

***Videos of RCA type wear testers are available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.


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