Saturation meter DO ATC INESA REX JPB-607A

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Model: JPB-607A
Manufacturer: REX / INESA
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Guarantee: 12 months
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Saturation meter DO ATC INESA REX JPB-607A is small in size and reliable in quality, providing highly accurate dissolved oxygen measurements; Works under most conditions.

The INESA REX JPB-607A portable dissolved oxygen meter also allows you to develop applications for your specific research needs.


Saturation meter DO ATC INESA REX JPB-607A with our smart system, you can easily manage your measurement data and use the meter according to the given instructions.

I. Specification portable dissolved oxygen meter INESA REX JPB-607A

  • Saturation meter DO INESA REX JPB-607A with LCD display
  • Measurement parameters: ORP, DO Saturation, and Temperature.
  • 1 or 2 point calibration using an aqueous solution saturated with air or zero oxygen.
  • Automatic temperature compensation ensures accurate results.
  • INESA REX JPB-607A designed and met with ISO 9001.

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II. Specifications saturation meter DO INESA REX JPB-607A


DO Range






Range (0.0~40.0) ℃

0.1 ℃


±0.5 ℃
General Power Supply

2 AA Battery

Dimension (mm); Weight (kg)

165*75*30; 0.3
Package Size

300*290*140mm; 1,5kg

***Product main path: INESA REX JPB-607A Budget-friendly ATC DO saturation measure Portable DO Meter.


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