Semi-automatic cell harvester Esco CelCradle X ® (CCX-SAH)

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Model: CelCradle X ®
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Semi-automatic cell harvester Esco CelCradle X ® (CCX-SAH) is used to harvest whole cells from CelCradle and CelCradle X ® bottles through automation by setting different parameters.

Semi-automated cell harvesting is performed through mounted peristaltic pumps allowing liquid addition/removal and whole cell harvesting during harvesting.


Semi-automatic cell harvester Esco CelCradle X ® (CCX-SAH) semi-automatic cell harvester of adherent CelCradle cultures including but not limited to: Insect Cells, Mammal Cells, Cells origin.

In addition to semiautonomous harvesting of adherent cells, intracellular virus acquisition is also possible with CCX-SAH.

I. Specification Esco CelCradle X ® (CCX-SAH) semi-automatic cell harvesting system

Features of the CelCradle X ® Cell harvester (CCX-SAH):

  • Mechanical dissociation of adherent cells from the macroporous carrier of Tide Motion
  • The automatic harvesting process can be set up from washing to harvesting (secretory or non-secretory products) in a self-contained, automatic manner.
  • Suitable for harvesting cells from the CelCradle X® System
  • Cell seed source support for TideXcell® -002 up to TideXcell®-100 . system
  • Harvest viable cells within 1 to 3 hours
  • More than 90% of the harvest efficiency can be achieved.

Please note: Cell harvesting efficiency depends on the cell line and the dissociation enzyme used with the semi-automatic harvesting system.

Semi-automatic cell harvester Esco CelCradle X ® (CCX-SAH)

Esco CelCradle X ® (CCX-SAH) – Working principle:

  • Preparation: Disconnect the CelCradle / CelCradle X bottles from the CelCradle / CelCradle X stage.
  • Installation: Mount and secure the bottle in the CCX-SAH incubator and connect it to the ductwork and consumables.
  • Enzymatic digestion: Inject the dissociating enzyme or equivalent solution applied to the cell line to separate the cell from the macroscopic carrier. Incubate the bottle so that the enzymes are active through the entire culture.
  • Inhibitor: Inject the enzyme inhibitor into the bottle.
  • Separation: Automatically shake the bottle. The speed and duration are entered into the CCX-SAH semi-automatic harvesting system.
  • Harvest: Collect the solution in a collection bag. Inject the medium into the bottle.
  • Repeat: Repeat 5-6 three times on average.

Semi-automatic cell harvester Esco CelCradle X ® (CCX-SAH)

Application of the CelCradle X ® (CCX-SAH) cell harvesting system:

  • Autologous cell therapy
  • Harvesting mammalian cells
  • Harvesting biomass for seed cells/seed vessels
  • Harvesting biomass for 3D bioprinting
  • Harvesting biomass for cell farming / lab-grown meat
  • Harvest automation for thrifty or non-regulating products
  • Intracellular virus harvesting.

Semi-automatic cell harvester Esco CelCradle X ® (CCX-SAH)

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II. Specifications semi-automatic cell harvester Esco CelCradle X ® (CCX-SAH)

Exterior dimension (WxDxH)

SAH: 928x380x822 mm
Incubator: 543x640x759 mm

SAH: 50 kg
Incubator: 85 kg
Whole unit: 135 kg


Single phase, AC, 220 V, 50 Hz

Shaker motor

Max Speed range

0-300 rpm

ID 9.6 mm(3/8”)*WT 3.2 mm(1/8”)


1 CelCradle bottle
Consumable CelCradle Bottle Volume

500 ml

CelCradle Material

Incubator temperature range


Touchscreen Size

Control panel: 7” color
Incubator HMI: 7” color

***The detailed technical data sheet of the device: CelCradle X® Semi-Automated Harvester.


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