Shaker Esco Provocell™ Microplate

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Model: PV-PVC-1 / PV-PVC-2
Manufacturer: ESCO
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Guarantee: 12 months
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Shaker Esco Provocell™ Microplate (PV-PVC-1 và PV-PVC-2) is designed for a wide variety of mixing applications for accurate incubation of reactions and denaturation of nucleic acids and proteins.
This Esco Provocell™ Microplate shaker incubator combines an advanced microprocessor-based controller with Peltier technology allowing for rapid switching between heating and cooling with precise temperature control and uniformity. of the block, delivering outstanding overall reliability, safety and performance.

  • Excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity
  • Smooth spinning trajectory
  • Compact footprint
  • Fast setup and up and running
  • Interchangeable metal blocks are easy to clean
  • Sample capacity: 26 x 0.5 ml + 24 x 1.5 ml.


Shaker Esco Provocell™ Microplate (PV-PVC-1 and PV-PVC-2) can be used on countertops or in biosafety or laminar flow cabinets without the risk of contamination associated with the tanks. cooled by water or ordinary liquid.

The Esco Provocell™ Microplate Incubator has special ceramic, which releases stress, prevents mass destruction due to rapid temperature changes, prolonging block life. Its system is eco-friendly, maintenance-free and uses no refrigerants or coolants.

I. Specification shaker incubator Esco Provocell™ Microplate

Esco Provocell™ Microplate – Advanced peltier heating and cooling technology:

  • Qualified for exceptional performance and precision
  • Excellent temperature uniformity.

Shaker Esco Provocell™ Microplate

Esco Provocell™ Microplate – Friendly interface:

  • Vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) provides users with a clear view of current temperature, speed and time.

Shaker Esco Provocell™ Microplate

Esco Provocell™ Microplate – Homogeneous mixing:

  • Smooth and stable orbit rotation
  • The sample block is attached to the main body by 4 bolts for enhanced stability.

Shaker Esco Provocell™ Microplate

Outstanding advantages of the Esco Provocell™ Microplate incubator:

  • 7 easily interchangeable blocks designed to suit most of your lab applications.
  • Esco Provocell™ Microplate (PV-PVC-1 and PV-PVC-2) with integrated digital control
  • Advanced peltier heating and cooling technology
  • Fully programmable even while running, with speed settings up to 1500rpm
  • Large clear vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) and user-friendly interface
  • Non-contaminated metal block
  • Small footprints
  • Can be used inside the safety cabinet
  • Motion trajectory
  • Excellent rotational stability
  • Optimal mixing
  • Durable.

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II. Specifications shaker Esco Provocell™ Microplate

Model No.

Electrical 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

115 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Dimension (L x W x H)

295 x 265 x 170 mm
(11.7″ x 10.4″ x 6.7″)
Net Weight

8.5 kg (18.7 lbs)


3 mm (0.11″)

300 to 1500 rpm

Timer Range

1 min to 99 h 59 min
Cooling Time, Nominal

≤8 mins for 10°C decrease from ambient temperature ≤15 mins from 100°C to 10°C above ambient temperature

Heating Time, Nominal

≤12 mins from 20°C to 100°C
Heating Rate

6°C / min (from 20°C to 100°C)

Temperature Uniformity


Temperature Accuracy

Block Temperature Uniformity

Temperature Control Range

Ambient to -14°C ~ 100°C

Temperature Setting Range

0°C ~ 105°C
Available Blocks Order Number



1.5 ml x 40 (Standard)

0.2 ml x 96


0.5 ml x 54

Ø15 mm x 24


96 wells ELISA board

0.5 ml x 26 + 1.5 ml x 24


2 ml x 40

III. Accessories for Provocell™ Microplate

Description of Order parts

Order Code
Provocell™ Microplate Shaker/Incubator main body 110 V


Provocell™ Microplate Shaker/Incubator main body 220 V

Provocell™ Incubator Block 1 (1.5 ml x 40)


Provocell™ Incubator Block 2 (0.2 ml x 96)

Provocell™ Incubator Block 3 (0.5 ml x 54)


Provocell™ Incubator Block 4 (15 mm x 24)

Provocell™ Incubator Block 5 (96 Wells Elisa Board)


Provocell™ Incubator Block 6 (0.5 ml x 26 +1.5 ml x 24)

Provocell™ Incubator Block 7 (2 ml x 40)


* PV-PVC-X refers to the main body only.
Specify one type of block (PV-BLC-X) when ordering

IV. Model of thermostable shaker machine Esco Provocell™ Microplate combination


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