Spartan™ 730IS intrinsically safe noise dosimeter

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The Spartan™ model 730IS intrinsically safe noise meter is designed to safely perform noise exposure measurements, even for workers in potentially explosive environments, such as industry. petrochemical industry and pharmaceutical production.


I. Specification of Spartan™ 730IS intrinsically safe noise level machine

  • Spartan™ 730IS intrinsically safe noise dosimeter Simple design and intuitive setup make worker noise dosimeter easy and quick. With the Spartan-IS, control setup and test measurements on the instrument itself or directly from the Larson Davis
  • Atlas™ mobile app. All necessary tasks can be completed from your iOS® or Android® device.
    The Spartan™ 730IS-PK Series Content Safety Meters are designed to safely perform noise exposure measurements, even for workers in potentially explosive environments, such as in the petrochemical industry and export products.

Spartan™ 730IS intrinsically safe noise dosimeter

II. Outstanding applications of the 730IS wireless safety noise meter

  • Measurements of workers’ noise exposure
  • Research on risk reduction
  • Measuring compliance with OSHA, ACGIH, ISO 9612 and EU Directive 2003/10/EC.

III. Spartan™ 730IS intrinsically safe noise dosimeter – Simplify sound measurements

  • ATEX, UL 913, IECEx, FCC, CAN/CSA C22.2 Approved
  • Wireless operation, charging and Bluetooth low energy communication (available without Bluetooth for regions without. radio)
  • Spartan™ 730IS intrinsically safe noise dosimeter with full control and direct monitoring via the LD Atlas™ app*
  • Download and view measurements, generate reports and share annotated data from your mobile device
  • Built-in motion and collision detection
  • Automatic dosimeter calibration.
  • Steps to take:
    – To begin testing, simply remove the dosimeters from the sturdy carrying case and attach them to the worker.
    – After work, put the dosimeters back in case they will charge wirelessly. The G4 LD Utility software provides another option for controlling the testing process.
    – With all the functionality of the LD Atlas mobile app, G4 LD Utility adds the ability to complete a “what if” analysis to model potential changes and determine the impact of choices different data.
    – LD Atlas offers low-energy Bluetooth interference-free monitoring, ensuring that you get the valuable data your users need the first time.
    – When the test is complete, the Spartan-IS communicates with the LD Atlas to download the data, which can be viewed directly from a phone or tablet. Generate reports, including entire data files, from the mobile interface before sharing via email.
    – For high security, radio-free zones, optional 730-NBT without Bluetooth is available and allows setup and data download via G4 LD Utility software via USB connection.

IV. Safety rating sheet



II 1G Ex ia IIC T165 °C Ga

Class I, Zone 0, AEx ia IIC

I 1M Ex ia I Ma

T165 °C Ga

IECEx ETL 19.0045X

Class I, Division 1,

Groups A, B, C & D, T165 °C

-10 °C ≤ TAMB ≤ +50 °C

-10 °C ≤ TAMB ≤ +50 ºC


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V. Specifications of Spartan™ 730IS intrinsically safe noise dosimeter




ANSI S1.25-1991 (R2017), IEC 61252 Ed. 1.2
Linear Operating Range

52 – 140 dB rms A-weighted

Dynamic Range

94 dB
Peak Range

78 – 143 dB Peak, C-weighted

Peak Weightings

A, C, Z
RMS Weightings

A, C, Z

Time Weightings

Slow, Fast, Impulse
Frequency Range

20 Hz to 10 kHz

Data Logging

Selectable 1 second or 1 minute samples
Logged Data

LAeq, LCeq, LCpeak, LZpeak, LASmax, LAFmax, TWA3, TWA5, Motion


8 GB internal

Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1

USB 2.0 (Micro-B connector)


Rechargeable NiMH

Run Time

30 hours typical
Charge Time

16 hours from full discharge


Qi-compliant wireless or USB




Overall motion percentage and bump


English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Finnish

Virtual Dosimeter

Virtual Dosimeters

4 independent with configurable LED indication
Exchange Rate

3, 4, 5, 6

Criterion Level

70.0 to 100.0 dB

70.0 to 100.0 dB


2 independent with configurable indication
Measurement Results

Dose; ProjDose; LAVG; TWA(8); Proj TWA(8); Lex,8h; Lep,d; Proj Lep,d

Summary Measured Values (Common to all virtual dosimeters)

LωΤ (SPL), Lωeq (Leq), Lωpk (Lpeak), LωΤMax (Lmax), LωΤMin (Lmin) where

     ω = A, C, or Z frequency weighting

     Τ = F, S, or I time weighting

Lpeak, Lmax, & Lmin including time of occurrence

LC-A, Exposure (Pa2s & Pa2h), Motion

Exceedance count and time for 2 rms and 3 peak thresholds

Overload count, duration and percentage



Color LCD 176 x 176 pixels, always on with low light sensor and front light

Ingress Protection


130 g (4.6 oz.) including clips and windscreen


85 x 54 x 39 mm (3.35 x 2.13 x 1.54 in.) dosimeter only

¼-inch Model 375A03

Operating Temperature

–10 to +50 ℃ (14 to 122 ℉)
Operating Humidity

Up to 90% RH, non-condensing

1/1 Octave Filters (optional)


31.5 Hz to 8 kHz

Event Audio Recording (optional)


16-bit .wav

Sample Rate

8 kHz
Recording Time

Fixed: 2 s pre-trigger and 10 s post-trigger

Trigger Source

LAS, LAF, LCS, LCF, LAeq,1s, LCeq,1s


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