Stirrer INESA REX JB-10 / JB-11

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Model: JB-10 / JB-11
Manufacturer: REX / INESA
Status: Stocking
Guarantee: 12 months
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Stirrer INESA REX JB-10 / JB-11 with LCD display, stirring speed adjustable from 0 to 1500 rpm.

This magnetic stirrer INESA REX JB-10 / JB-11 allows you to develop applications for your specific research needs..


Stirrer INESA REX JB-10 and JB-11 with a maximum stirring volume (H 2 O) of 1000mL are suitable for your specific research applications.

I. Specification of INESA REX JB-10 / JB-11 magnetic stirrer

  • Stirrer INESA REX JB-10 / JB-11 with LCD display (JB-11).
  • The stirring speed can be adjusted.
  • JB-10 / JB-11 certified to ISO 9001.

***For more detailed technical information of INESA REX JB-10 / JB-11. Please feel free to contact GMGA, our professional technicians are available 24/7 to assist you.

II. Specifications INESA REX JB-10 / JB-11 mixing tank


JB-11 JB-10
Measuring Unit Rotate speed 0-1500rpm

Maximum stirring volume (H2O)

Maximum size stirring bar (L*Ø) 30*8mm

Speed display

General Power supply 220V AC

Dimension (mm)& Weight (kg)

200*150*70, 0.5

***Product main path: INESA REX JB-10 / JB-11 Afforable high performance Stirrer.


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