Time-Lapse IVF incubator Esco MIRI ® series MRI-TL

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Model: MRI-TL Series
Manufacturer: ESCO
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Time-Lapse . IVF Incubator Esco MIRI ® MRI-TL series is a multi-room incubator with an integrated camera and microscope. Esco MIRI ® MRI-TL Series designed and manufactured in the EU.

Time-Lapse incubator Esco MIRI ® MRI-TL series provides high quality time lapse images of the developing embryo in “real time” without any disturbance and without the need to remove the embryo from the safety of the incubation chamber for manual microscopy. This significantly reduces environmental stress on the embryo when compared to current standard incubation methods.


Technology built in IVF Time-Lapse Esco MIRI ® MRI-TL series incubators provides detailed morphokinetic data throughout embryo development, which is not available on routine spot microscopic evaluation.

This allows all important events to be observed, helping to identify healthy embryos with the highest probability of implantation, with the aim of achieving higher pregnancy rates.

I. Specification Time-Lapse IVF incubator Esco MIRI ® series MRI-TL

MIRI® – fully independent multi-chamber system:

  • 6 (TL6) / 12 (TL12) independent chambers with precise temperature and gas regulation: Opening any chamber does not affect the environment in other chambers.

Time-Lapse IVF incubator Esco MIRI ® series MRI-TL

Time-Lapse monitoring:

  • Since the image is stored digitally, a video can be created to enable objective and reliable classification of workpieces.
  • Time-lapse video generated from images enables reliable, objective scoring and annotation of embryos for better prediction of embryo’s developmental potential, future implantation and implantation potential.

Time-Lapse IVF incubator Esco MIRI ® series MRI-TL

Heated lid:

  • Prevents condensation.
  • Enhanced temperature regulation/recovery.
  • Excellent uniformity between the top and bottom covers.

Time-Lapse IVF incubator Esco MIRI ® series MRI-TL

Fast temperature direct heat transfer and gas recovery:

  • Delivers outstanding temperature stability.
  • Less than 1 minute to recover temperature
  • Air recovery <3 minutes.


Confirm outside temperature and gas easily:

  • Gas sampling ports for each chamber and independent PT-1000 sensors allow for external quality assessment of the gas level and temperature in each chamber.

Time-Lapse IVF incubator Esco MIRI ® series MRI-TL

High-end gas system:

  • Integrated air mixer for three types of gases, advanced gas regulation system and HEPA-VOC filtered recirculation for precise gas level control and lower gas consumption.
  • Ultraviolet recirculation gas sterilization ensures embryo biosecurity.

Time-Lapse IVF incubator Esco MIRI ® series MRI-TL

Touch screen control panel, user-friendly interface:

  • Touch screen control panel with intuitive menu to manage device configuration.
  • Easily change parameter settings with a reliable touch screen.
  • Configuration as simple as you need.

Time-Lapse IVF incubator Esco MIRI ® series MRI-TL

MIRI ® TL datalogger:

  • Continuously monitor and record air flow, gas concentration and pressure, adjust temperature.

Time-Lapse IVF incubator Esco MIRI ® series MRI-TL

CultureCoin ® culture plate:

  • The specially designed CultureCoin ® culture plate, which allows each chamber to culture 14 embryos, gives a total capacity of 84 embryos for TL6 and 168 embryos for TL12.


Continues pH monitoring:

  • Optional SAFE Sens integration for continuous pH monitoring without opening the chamber.


MIRI® TL Viewer software and MIRI® TL server:

  • Exponentially increase image and data storage capacity by adding the MIRI® TL data server.
  • Combine MIRIM® TL Viewer software platform to review, annotate and compare morphokinetic parameters of embryos, as well as export data for retrospective analysis.

Time-Lapse IVF incubator Esco MIRI ® series MRI-TL

***You may be interested in the GMGA PCR thermal circulator – Esco Vietnam: https://gmga.vn/en/danh-muc/process-equipment/pcr-cabinet/

II. Specifications Time-Lapse IVF incubator Esco MIRI® MRI-TL series

Specifications TL6 TL12
Overall Dimensions 805 x 585 x 375 mm (31.7 x 23.0 x 14.8”) 950 x 685 x 375 mm (37.4 x 27.0 x 14.8”)
Weight 70 kg 100 kg
Temperature Control Range 25 – 40 °C
Power Consumptopm 330 W 620 W
Gas Consumption (CO2) * < 2 L/h
Gas Consumption (N2) ** < 5 L/h
CO2 Control Range 1.9 – 10%
O2 Control Range 5 – 20%
Input Gas Pressure 0.6 bar (8.7 psi)
Built-in Microscope Zeiss 20x, objective has numerical aperture of 0.35, specialized for 635 nm illumination
Embryo Illumination 0.064s per image, using 1W single red LED (635nm)
Camera Resolution 1280 x 1024. Monochrome, 8-bit, IDS system
Optics Tube Ratio 2.22 px/μm
Imaging Focal Planes 5 min. image interval in 3 to 7 focal planes


III. Accessories for time-lapse incubator MIRI ® series MRI-TL

1320011 MRA-1007 HEPA + VOC filter (to be replaced every 3 months)
1320088 MRI-CC CultureCoin for Time-Lapse of 14 embryos (25 pcs. per pack)
1320045 MRI-GA MIRI® GA CO2 /O2 & Temperature Validation Unit, 115V/ 230V
TBA TBA MIRI® Time-Lapse Incubator, 12 chambers with SAFE Sen s, 230 V, 60/60 Hz
TBA TBA MIRI® Time-Lapse Incubator, 12 chambers with SAFE Sens, 115 V, 60/60 Hz


IV. Video

***Detailed product specification sheet: MIRI® Time-Lapse Incubator.


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