UCI hardness tester PCE-3500 with ISO certificate

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UCI hardness tester PCE-3500 – Ultrasonic contact strength tester is designed for non-destructive hardness measurement of metal components. A 136° Vickers diamond at the probe is excited with its self-resonance to allow the user to very precisely measure the hardness of small objects, thin-walled objects (>1 mm) and hard layers surface.

  • Probes with 50 Newtons / 11.2 lbf force, 10 and 98 N optional
  • Test HRC, HRB, HV, HB, MPa
  • Memory function via SD card and PC software included
  • Large color LCD display with backlight.


I. Specification of UCI hardness tester PCE-3500

UCI hardness tester PCE-3500 for non-destructive hardness measurement / Large screen with color LC display / Software included / Scales HV, HRC, HRB, HB and MPa / With memory function / Probe with Interchangeable / Vickers Diamond 136°.

UCI hardness tester PCE-3500 with ISO certificate

  • UCI hardness tester works on the basis of ultrasonic contact impedance testing process. This UCI procedure works like this: a Vickers diamond at the probe is excited with its self-resonant ability. By pushing the transducer, the vibration frequency is reduced depending on the hardness of the surface and on the modulus e of the material and contact surface. The hardness of the surface can be determined based on the frequency change, considering the characteristic curve of the material.
  • The UCI hardness tester works non-destructively. There is a microscopic microscopic pressure on the surface, however it is usually not visible. Due to the low penetration depth of Vickers diamonds, this UCI hardness tester is particularly suitable for edge-hardened components, for example those that emerge upon nitriding or induction hardening. It is commonly used for punching tools, presses, thin-walled components, gears, turbine blades, camshafts or weld seams. The UCI hardness tester is also suitable for many other hardness testing applications. It has exchangeable transducers with different pressures and thus can cover different applications.
  • After measuring the hardness of a component, the UCI PCE-3500 hardness tester displays various statistical values ​​such as the MAX/MIN value and the average value. Furthermore, the standard deviation and further coefficients can be determined. A bar chart can be specified. Since the UCI hardness tester is equipped with internal memory, the measured data can be evaluated by software.

II. Advantages

  • Measure according to the UCI . procedure
  • Test HRC, HRB, HV, HB, MPa
  • Measuring direction 360°
  • Large color LC display
  • Memory function via SD card
  • Various probes can be mounted
  • Pre-calibrated material characteristic curve
  • Can be assessed through software.

PCE-3500 PCE-3500 UCI hardness tester PCE-3500 with ISO certificate

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III. Specifications of UCI hardness tester PCE-3500 with ISO certificate

Technical specifications on the UCI hardness tester PCE-3500

Measurement range

230 … 940 HV

20 … 70 HRC

90 … 650 HB

370 … 1740 MPa


+/- 3% HV

+/- 1.5 HRC

+/- 3% HB


50 N UCI probe (10 N UCI probe optional)

Hardness scales



UCI: steel (ferromagnetic)

Reference block

136° Vickers diamond
Measurement direction


Minimum material thickness

1 mm / .04 in (with UCI probe only)

graphical colour LCD with backlight


Single measurement, MIN / MAX / average value, number of measurements, mean value, standard deviation, variation coefficient, bar chart, Smart Mode (filters outliers)

SD card


Operating conditions

-20 … 40°C / -4 … 104°F ; 30 … 80 % RH

Power supply

6V (3 x AA batteries)
Battery life

Approx. 10 hours


160 x 75 x 30 mm / 6.3 x 3 x 1.2 in
Protection class

IP 54


300 g / < 1 lb (without probe)


***Video of non-destructive needle hardness tester is available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.


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