Versatile benchtop pH meter REX PHSJ-4F

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Model: PHSJ-4F
Manufacturer: REX / INESA
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Guarantee: 12 months
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Versatile benchtop pH meter REX PHSJ-4F is a new generation meter developed by Shanghai INESA Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd.

This versatile REX PHSJ-4F benchtop pH meter adopts an intelligent operation system that allows you to take highly accurate measurements and manage your results and data.


Versatile benchtop pH meter REX PHSJ-4F with smart system, default guide system makes it easy to operate.

I. Specification REX PHSJ-4F digital pH meter

  • REX PHSJ-4F Multi-Purpose pH meter with LCD Display
  • Measurement parameters: pH, mv (ORP), and Temperature
  • 1-3 point calibration with automatic buffer recognition.
  • Selectable pH buffer groups, including NIST, DIN, GB.
  • Automatic electrode diagnostics with pH gradient and deviation display.
  • Multiple reading feature allows for automatic reading, timed reading and continuous reading.
  • Automatic/manual temperature compensation ensures accurate results.
  • Automatic sensor hold and measurement endpoint locking.
  • More than 10 configurable parameters, including date and time, number of calibration points, stability criteria, temperature units, and more.
  • Data capacity up to 500 sets (GLP compliant).
  • Data can be transferred to a PC or printer using the USB communication interfaces.
  • REX INESA PHSJ-4F meets the standard: ISO 9001.

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II. Specifications versatile benchtop pH meter REX PHSJ-4F


pH Range






Range (-1999.00~1999.00)mV

1 mv


Temperature Range

(-5.0~135.0) ℃


0.1 ℃

±0.3 ℃


Power Supply 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension (mm)

350 * 280 * 190mm

Weight (kg)

Package Size

280 * 215 * 93,1mm; 1kg

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