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Thursday, 10.03.2022

I. General definition of temperature measuring device

  • Thermometer is an instrument used to measure the temperature of food or objects; or measure the temperature of any device, any machine at any location, and at any time.
  • The most widely used thermometer is the mercury thermometer used to measure human temperature. It consists of a glass tube filled with mercury or some other liquid, which acts as the working fluid. Increased temperature causes the liquid to expand; therefore temperature can be determined by measuring the volume of the liquid. Such thermometers are usually calibrated; to be able to read the temperature just by observing the liquid level in the thermometer.
  • However, there are also different types of thermometers; such as digital thermometers that take temperature measurements when in contact with an object; or infrared thermometers that take measurements at long distances, without contact.

II. Application of thermometer

  • Temperature measurement device whether it is a Mercury thermometer, an invasive thermometer, or a laser, infrared non-contact thermometer; temperature results are measured and recorded in a variety of applications.
  • In general, temperature measuring devices are widely used in industries, manufacturing, food industry, cooking, maintenance, maintenance, medical, human.

***More hand-held infrared and contact thermometer videos are available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

III. The temperature measurement device GMGA MEASURING provide

  • Temperature measurement device from GMGA MEASURING carry a wide range of temperature gauge products. Includes thermometers, to measure different temperature ranges between -200 and 1767ºC. Thermometer can indicate temperature in °C (Celsius), °K (Kelvin) and °F (Fahrenheit); and water-resistant thermometers. In addition, several thermal elements and type K sensors are available for different temperature meter products.
  • GMGA’s temperature meter products are handheld precision instruments; Ideal for professional, industrial, commercial and residential use. From the temperature measuring devices in contact with the probes; to non-contact temperature measuring devices using infrared technology; or laser for remote temperature measurement. GMGA MEASURING offers a wide range of accurate, reliable temperature measurement products at an affordable price.
  • Each temperature gauge is factory calibrated to ensure accurate measurement. ISO certified calibration; performed by our first-class calibration laboratories; can be found on most models of thermometers.

The temperature measuring devices GMGA is providing include:Temperature measurement device

  • Contact Thermometer / Penetration Thermometer: Fast – easy temperature control. With long, thin, stainless steel probe and wide measuring range from -40°C to +250°C; making this practical insert thermometer ideal for a wide variety of measurement applications in culinary, commercial, craft and industrial, as well as in laboratories and for hobbyists.
  >>>Refer Penetration Thermometer / Contact Thermometer.
  • Non-Contact Thermometer – Infrared Thermometer / Laser Thermometer: is a Radiation Thermometer; allows non-contact surface temperature measurement; using infrared/Laser can measure non-contact temperature from -30°C to +250°C or more.
  >>>Refer Non-contact temperature measuring deviceTemperature measurement device
  • In addition, we also supply temperature measuring equipment products; as well as other industrial measuring devices. You can refer to the measurement equipment section; for more technical information about the product.
  • All of the temperature measuring products we provide are Genuine, High Quality products, in accordance with International Metrology Standards. In particular, we are committed to providing users with the best pre-sale and after-sale service; CHEAP and most reasonable product prices; with the incentives already Promotion; Deep discounts compared to the market to serve customers.


Buy thermometer products, please contact: (+84) 0845 969 336;


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