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2 way articulation probe 6mm (Console system J series)

Model: JKVS / JFVS series

2 way articulation probe 6mm (Console system J series) with flexible articulation function helps you to easily maneuver the camera probe into extremely tight spaces, helping to check angles generally could not be seen easily.

  • Boost light
  • Image rotate
  • Side & Forward led switch
  • Dust free & Anti reflection.

360° articulation VGA probe 6mm (Console system J series)

Model: JK / JF series

360° articulation VGA probe Ø6mm diameter provides flexibility when testing in tight spaces. The probe cable is braided with high density stainless steel which provides durability, flexibility and is also resistant to rust, water and temperature.

  • Quick and easy joystick operation: Provides snapshot (image freeze), brightness up and brightness down functions on the controller
  • Stainless steel braided hose: Durable, rustproof and temperature resistant.
  • Fully Articulated: Provides flexibility in narrow space inspection
  • Dust/water protection: IP67.