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Pipe and sewer inspection camera P39G series TFT 9″ HD

Model: P39G series

Pipe and sewer inspection camera P39G series with 9" color TFT LCD screen, full HD resolution, and flexible connection to Android & iOS smart devices via Wifi.

  • 9" color TFT LCD screen (Touch screen optional)
  • Probe cable length ranges from 20 to 200 meters
  • Connect Wifi to Android & iOS smart devices
  • Store Photos & Videos to SD card
  • 1080P high resolution camera
  • Waterproof IP68
  • Camera heads are interchangeable.

Pipe inspection camera sewer drain P99 series 10.1″ HD

Model: P99 series

Pipe inspection camera sewer drain P99 series with 10.1 inch full HD LCD touch screen, 4X digital zoom capability. The P99 provides clear and sharp inspection images for your inspection tasks.

  • 1”HD LCD Touch screen.
  • Video, photo and voice recording to SD card.
  • Auto self-leveling camera.
  • Wired and wireless keyboard input.
  • Length counting meter on display.
  • IP68 waterproof camera and cable.
  • Super bright white 12 LED.
  • Sapphire scratch-proof camera lens.
  • Interchangeable camera head.
  • 4X Digital Zoom.
  • 40mm centering ring, 90mm centering skid.
  • 512Hz Transmitter (for option).

Wireless pipe endoscope camera PR series 5″ LCD


Wireless pipe endoscope camera PR Series 5" LCD uses a wireless probe with full snapshot capture/playback and audio video capture functions similar to other video endoscopes.

  • 5" TFT LCD (640 x 480).
  • Wireless transmission.
  • Snapshot & Video recording with audio.
  • Snapshot while recording / replaying.
  • LED brightness adjustment.
  • 2X zoom in and Image rotation.
  • Photo comparison function.
  • Made in Taiwan high durability.

Videoscope borescope camera PM series 3.5″ LCD

Model: PMS / PMVS / PMGS

Videoscope borescope camera PM series 3.5" LCD with snapshot function while recording/playback and video recording with audio, is perfect for many of your inspection applications and reporting requirements.

  • 5" TFT LCD
  • LED brightness adjustment
  • 2X Zoom in and Image rotation
  • Photo Comparison function
  • USB to PC connection
  • AV out.

Industrial video endoscope PH7 series 7″ wolfram probe 360°

Model: PH7-60024 / PH7-60034

Industrial video endoscope PH7 Series with 7" (180mm) TFT color LCD display screen, high resolution 720 × 480 pixels (storage 640 × 480 pixels), equipped with waterproof and dustproof protective case IP67.PH7 fits many of your industrial-grade testing requirements.

  • Digital zoom in/ out, photocomparison and image rotation.
  • AV output for viewing images/video on a monitor.
  • SD card storage capacity up to 32GB.
  • Record voice-over audio in video recording mode.
  • Snap-shot whilerecording/ replaying.
  • Rugged two handheld design and left / right hand control
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery can last upto 8hours
  • The universal stand and kickstand on the back help adjust the best viewing angle and operate flexibly.

Industrial video endoscope E5S series

Model: E5S / E5S-D / E5R / E5R-D

Industrial video endoscope E5S series with 5" IPS screen, 2-way 180° multi-function articulating camera is a perfect choice for you in its price range.

  • 5" IPS Screen
  • 2-Way 180° articulation camera
  • Camera pixels 1,000,000
  • Snapshot & Video recording
  • 6+1 adjustable Led lights