Roughness meter PCE-RT 1200-ICA / ISO

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Model PCE-RT 1200
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I. Specification of Roughness meter PCE-RT 1200-ICA / ISO

PCE-RT 1200-ICA roughness meter included. ISO calibration / Portable roughness tester for quick detection of Ra, Rz, Rq and Rt / Large OLED display / Micro-USB interface / With calibration plate and roughness standard / Measuring software / Lithium battery -ion is permanently installed.

Roughness meter PCE-RT 1200-ICA / ISO
  • The PCE-RT 1200-ICA roughness meter is used to determine the surface roughness.
  • The PCE-RT 1200-ICA Roughness Gauge is a handheld device for mobile phone use. Due to the power supply via a powerful battery, it can be used directly in the field.
  • This delicate instrument is used in the laboratory, in production and everywhere where the determination of surface roughness is required.
  • Measured values ​​are displayed on a clear and user-friendly OLED display directly on the measuring device.
  • In addition, the configuration has a storage option for up to 20 measured values, which can later be read via the micro USB interface.
  • Measurement software can be used and a USB cable is included in the delivery. The built-in rechargeable battery is also charged via the micro USB interface. The measurement software mentioned above is especially suitable when the measurement series is pending. The data is then transferred to the software and can be evaluated directly on the screen.
  • This roughness meter has a protective cap for the sensor that protects it from external influences and can be easily screwed onto the device. A calibration plate with a roughness standard is also part of the standard equipment and serves to check the accuracy of the measurement results..

Standard notation:

  • Rz = average roughness. The mean roughness Rz is the arithmetic mean of the maximum single roughness depth of a number of adjacent individual gauge sections..
  • Ra = arithmetic central roughness. Ra is an internationally recognized and applied roughness parameter. This is the arithmetic mean of the absolute values of the configuration deviations in the reference line.
  • The measured value Ra is always less than the value of Rz determined on the same roughness profile.

II. Advantages

  • Very compact
  • Easy to take
  • Large OLED screen
  • 4 measurable parameters of roughness
  • The roughness meter probe includes a high quality diamond
  • The screen of the roughness meter gives the measured values in tabular form
  • The measured values can also be output with the roughness meter as a histogram
  • Micro-USB interface for online data transfer to a PC (useful for example for serial or laboratory measurements)
  • Internal rechargeable battery (3000 measurements with one battery charge (Li-ion))
  • Includes ISO Calibration Certificate.

Roughness meter PCE-RT 1200-ICA / ISO Surface Testing Machine Surface Testing Machine

III. Standard package

Roughness meter PCE-RT 1200-ICA / ISO
  • Roughness meter PCE-RT 1200
  • Ultra-small probe
  • Protective cap for probe
  • Chuck
  • Downloadable software
  • Calibration plate
  • Standard cable
  • USB cable
  • Battery charger
  • Containers
  • User manual
  • ISO Calibration Certificate
***View more GMGA surface testers at:

IV. Specifications of Roughness meter PCE-RT 1200-ICA / ISO

Measurement parameters

Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt
Measuring ranges

Ra, Rq: 0.005 ... 16.00 µm / 0.197 ... 629.921 µin

Rz, Rt: 0.002 ... 200.0 µm / 0.079 ... 7874.016 µin

Radius probe tip

5 µm/ 196.850 µin

Material probe tip

Diamond, 90° angled
Max. recommended force for static measurement    

4 mN (0.4 gf)

Radius longitudinal guide bar

45 mm / 1.77"
Maximum driving distance

15 mm / 0.59"

Measuring principle

Cut-off wavelength

0.25 mm / 0.8 mm / 2.5 mm 

0.009" / 0.03" / 0.098"

Testing speed

0.135 mm/s at cut-off wavelength: 0.25 mm

0.5 mm/s at cut-off wavelength: 0.8 mm

1 mm/s at cut-off wavelength: 2.5 mm

Reversing speed: 1 mm/s

Measuring accuracy

< ± 10%


< 6%



μm / μinch (switchable)


Power supply

Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Dimensions L x W x H

150 x 60 x 43 mm / 5.9 x 2.36 x 1.69 in


370 g / < 1 lb

  ***Video of surface tester - check roughness is available at: Gmga Measuring Youtube.

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