No. 10 Alley 42/293 Thinh Liet Street, Thinh Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City, Vietnam

About GMGA

“GMGA Measurement and Analysis Equipment Joint Stock Company” - “GMGA MEASURING” was established very early in the early stage of Industry 4.0; a period marking the remarkable change and development of the Industry, Science & Technology, Health... and High-Tech industries in Vietnam. With the desire to bring to Vietnam market professional & modern products and services according to international standards"

GMGA MEARSURING is a reputable multinational Service Trading company. The company operates in 3 core business areas, including:

  • Technology
  • Industry

Service Trade with 6 main categories of Products & Services provided:

  • Measuring device
  • Analytical Equipment
  • Testing equipment
  • Maintenance Equipment
  • Process Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment


GMGA MEASURING with 24/7 free technical consulting service; and offer the best optimal solutions for all customers, in all fields.

GMGA MEASURING provides Measurement equipment, Analysis equipment, Inspection equipment, Maintenance equipment, Process equipment, and Industrial equipment; Genuine commitment with 100% new sense and best technical quality from the most PRESTIGE and PRESTIGE brands in the world to the market and to customers. In addition, the company also provides a full range of certificates of quality (CQ), proof of origin (CO), and many other related standard declaration documents such as: ISO, CE ...

GMGA MEASURING provides on-site installation and commissioning services. Positive after-sales service. Service of repair and periodic maintenance of machinery and equipment systems is strongly deployed by the company. The long-term warranty policy and support for exchange and return with the products we provide are always focused and committed by our company to each customer.


At GMGA MEASURING, each specific position will have its own mandatory standards, but all members meet the requirements: have professional qualifications, determination to develop career, sense of responsibility. responsibility and high sense of discipline.

The management staff of the company are those who fully promote the core values ​​of GMGA MEASURING: "Trust - Mind - Tri - Toc - Tinh - Nhan", showing enthusiasm, steady bravery, dare to think , dare to do, dare to take responsibility, have good organizational and management capacity.

For senior management and technician positions, the recruitment requirements are quite strict with mandatory standards of work experience, logical thinking ability, quick judgment, analysis and problem solving. effective subject. Those members have formed a strong team with the same goal of the common development of GMGA MEASURING..

GMGA MEASURING employees always take the initiative and creativity in their work under the leadership of a team of leaders, capable of flexible and methodical corporate governance. GMGA MEASURING's pioneering, prestige and class in Vietnam and international markets.


GMGA MEASURING - Oriented to develop into a leading prestigious multinational Technology - Industry - Trade Service company in Vietnam and the region.


GMGA MEASURING - Currently operating with 3 main offices, the company has been expanding more branch offices throughout Vietnam.


GMGA MEASURING - The head office is located in Hanoi, Vietnam; The company's branch offices are located in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.


GMGA MEASURING - Company employees have professional qualifications, are determined to develop their careers, have a high sense of responsibility and discipline.


GMGA MEASURING Oriented to develop into a leading prestigious multinational Technology - Industry - Trade Service company in Vietnam and the region.-

GMGA MEASURING- Will not stop innovating, creating, consolidating and developing to create an ecosystem of the best products and the most professional services to customers.

GMGA MEASURING- Will become one of the Top 5 multinational trading companies with the largest scale and growth rate in Vietnam and in Asia.

For customers:GMGA MEASURING determines for itself the mission of becoming "Customer's Extended Arm", our products and services help customers improve production efficiency, save time and costs. Since then, customers only need to focus on professional production, improve product sales and quality, and contribute to promoting the economic development of the country.

For society:GMGA MEASURING - With the company's services, it has been supporting to solve employment problems for workers, build infrastructure, connect supply and demand to develop production for the Vietnamese economy. .

For Businesses:VISION & MISSION - is always the guideline for GMGA MEASURING activities. unit that goes along with business development, providing the best products and services, the most technical, the most preferential, the most convenient, specialized. All for the purpose of creating the most favorable development environment for businesses.


“VISION & MISSION - is always the guideline for GMGA MEASURING activities. The company's collective is always industrious, creative in work, devoted to customers and partners; constantly upgrade machinery, equipment as well as system of facilities in the direction of modernity, efficiency and safety. "

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