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DC bias current tester MICROTEST 6350+ Series

Model: Dòng 6350+

DC bias current tester MICROTEST 6350+ Series supports meter measurement mode/multi-step list testing 6355/6356+6243/6223 provide a frequency response range of 100Hz to 200k/500kHz and a maximum output current of 320A/120A.

  • Frequency Response: 100Hz-200k/500kHz
  • Supports maximum output DC bias current of: 320A/120A
  • DCR measurement function
  • Can sustain maximum power output for long periods of time
  • Output impedance: 100Ω
  • Open/short circuit calibration function.

DC bias source test system MICROTEST 6632S+ Series

Model: 6632S+ Series

DC bias source test system MICROTEST 6632S+ Series is bias current test system combines the impedance analyzer 6632S with a DC bias source. MICROTEST 6632S+ is capable of analyzing the saturation characteristics of inductors, coils, ferrites, and magnetic cores.

  • Current and frequency graphic scanning analysis
  • Frequency response 100Hz-30MHz /10MHz/3MHz
  • DC Bias Current Output Max.320A/120A/60A/20A
  • Equivalent Circuit Analysis-6632S
  • DCR Measurement function
  • Built-in the Permeability-μr
  • Long-term consecutive maximum power output
  • Direct Handler interfaces control through Impedance Analyzer
  • Support meter mode and list mode, sweep mode.

DC bias current test system MICROTEST 6632+ Series

Model: Dòng 6632+

DC bias current test system MICROTEST 6632+ Series from manufacturer MICROTEST can supports magnetic saturation current and temperature rise current scanning analysis, providing research and development engineers with fast and accurate current curve variations. I. Specification of DC bias current testing system MICROTEST 6632+ Series DC bias source test system MICROTEST 6632+ Series is capable […]

Rub tester SUTHERLAND® 2000™ 220VIRT 2000A

Model: 2000™ 220VIRT 2000A

Rub tester SUTHERLAND® 2000™ 220VIRT 2000A is a motor-driven abrasion testing instrument for moving a weighted test strip over a printed specimen through an arc-shaped cycle.

  • Tolerance: 1/1000, all weight range: +/- 3 grams.
  • Full 1/12 HP motor. rating, never hidden.
  • 4 speeds tested: 21, 42, 85, 106 cycles per minute, custom speeds available.
  • Fully adjustable temperature range.
  • Parts are made of chrome-plated solid brass
  • The equipment is handcrafted in America
  • Industry Standard for 60+ Years.

Concrete elastic hammer NOVOTEST SH


The concrete elastic hammer (sclerometer) NOVOTEST SH - is an instrument for testing the strength of concrete and other building materials. The most popular tool in the world for measuring the strength of concrete is the Schmidt Hammer. The device is named after the engineer Ernst Schmidt, who invented the construction of the durometer.

Concrete strength meter NOVOTEST IPSM

Model: IPSM

The NOVOTEST IPSM Concrete Strength Meter is a device that searches for non-destructive defects in concrete products, bricks and other solid materials based on the analysis of the propagation of ultrasonic waves in the material. Two transducers are directly connected to the device (transmitter and receiver) during operation, the device has an ultrasonic wave time between the transducers, there is a fixed base (the distance between the transducers ), this ultrasonic flaw detector calculates the velocity of ultrasonic waves in the material, based on which it is possible to build a correlation with the test parameter. This method allows the user to evaluate parameters such as strength, density, elastic modulus, acoustic index and other parameters that are correlated with the propagation speed of ultrasound in the material.