Conductivity Pen INESA REX PT-21 continuous screen

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Model: PT-21
Manufacturer: REX / INESA
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Guarantee: 12 months
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Conductivity Pen INESA REX PT-21 continuous screen is a high quality Electrochemical or Conductivity Pen designed for application in spot testing or rapid testing.

This EC INESA REX PT-21 Conductivity Pen is a compact conductivity meter with reliable quality to work in most conditions.


Conductivity Pen INESA REX PT-21 continuous screen easy operation and compact size allows you to monitor. It also allows you to develop applications for your specific research needs.

I. Specification EC INESA REX PT-21 conductivity meter

  • INESA REX PT-21 continuous monitor EC meter with LCD display
  • Measurement parameters: Thermal conductivity
  • Automatic temperature compensation ensures accurate results.
  • Automatic sensor hold and measurement endpoint locking.
  • INESA REX PT-21 meets ISO 9001.

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II. Specifications EC meter with continuous display INESA REX PT-21


Conductivity Range

(0-2000) μS/cm


General Power Supply

AA Battery

Package Size

200*58*22mm; 0.5kg

***Product main path: INESA REX PT-21 High quality continuous monitor Conductivity Pen.


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