Turbidimeter benchtop INESA REX WZS-188

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Model: WZS-188
Manufacturer: REX / INESA
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Guarantee: 12 months
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Turbidimeter benchtop INESA REX WZS-188 is a new generation meter used for environmental pollution monitoring and water quality testing.

This INESA REX WZS-188 benchtop turbidity meter uses an intelligent operating system that helps you get highly accurate measurements and manage your results and data.


Turbidimeter benchtop INESA REX WZS-188 with intelligent system, default guide system makes it easy to operate.

I. Specification of benchtop turbidity meter INESA REX WZS-188

  • Turbidimeter benchtop INESA REX WZS-188 with 7” colorful touch screen.
  • Tungsten lamp light source meets USEPA 180.1 requirement.
  • 3 photodiodes to ensure high accuracy.
  • 1-8 point calibration using Formazine standard or zero water.
  • Auto sort from 0-4000 NTU.
  • 1000 sets of data storage capacity (GLP compliant).
  • Stored data can be transferred to a computer by USB or RS-232 communication.
  • NESA REX WZS-188 automatic reset feature restores all settings back to original default options.
  • Complies with ISO 9001 standard.

***You may be interested in the titrator of GMGA – INESA REX Vietnam: https://gmga.vn/en/danh-muc/process-equipment/titrator/

II. Specifications turbidimeter benchtop INESA REX WZS-188


Measuring Unit Range

(0.000~20.00) NTU, (20.01~200.0) NTU, (200~2000) NTU,( 57585241,2001~4000) NTU


≤ ±6%



≤ ±0.5% FS/30min
General Power supply

AC (220±22) V,( 57585242,50±1) Hz

Dimension (mm)& Weight (kg)

358*323*160, 3
Package Size

430*420*300mm; 5kg

***Product main path: INESA REX WZS-188 Premium Performance smart Benchtop Turbidity Meter.


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