Shipping policy


Buyers of GMGA Measuring and Analysing Equipment Joint Stock Company can choose from the following delivery methods: Receiving goods directly at GMGA MEASURING’s warehouse or receiving goods at Buyers.

For customers who receive Products at GMGA MEASURING’s warehouse, or receive Products in the inner city; Free shipping will be provided by the company. Other cases, the Company will collect the fee and notify the Customer specifically, right at the time of placing the order and selecting the delivery method.


During 07 days:

  • If the product is defective due to the manufacturer, it will be returned for free.
    If the Customer wants to exchange another product, the Customer will bear the return shipping fee and 10% of the value of the product you want to exchange.

During the use of the product; if the customer wants to sell or change to another product. GMGA Measurement and Analysis Equipment Joint Stock Company will facilitate support with reasonable costs for customers.